Author Topic: Short Category description for home page w/ language suppor?  (Read 2486 times)

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Short Category description for home page w/ language suppor?
« on: November 04, 2002, 05:40:05 AM »

I'd like to be able to truncate (according to a resetable value within the admin panel) the length of characters shown on the home page for {cat_description}, this way I could display a little lead in to entice visitors to click into that category. Still the category page would make full use of the {cat_description} in its entirety. I guess runing {cat_description} through the length native function of PHP could do that?? I am too new to PHP to write it (Still reading the books 8O ).

Also, I think a cool mod would be to somewhat tie up the {cat_description} (short and long versions  :wink: ) to the database and language packs so several descriptions could be attached to each categories/subcategories. This way, when using the l=[language] parameter we could further enhance the use of the multi-lingual features of 4images.

Anyway, if anybody feels like taking the time to do that I would really appreciate it as would others I am sure.

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