4images Add-Ons, hacks & modifications

Multiupload with jQuery

A way to use multiupload, works with jQuery and Uploadify.

Captcha can mathematics

With this modification the captcha can do mathematics, for a better spambot protection.

On click Prev / Next Images

This modification adds an prev / next link on the images to navigate through the gallery .

Arrows as overlay on pictures (Pfeile als Overlay auf Bild)

This mod adds “back” and “next” arrows as an overlay on the pictures.

Additional Category fields

The additional category fields work like the additional image fields. They can be used in the categories view and on the detail page on an image.

Photo Preview Hack

This modification shows a small preview of the next and previous photo on the page of the current picture.

You can find many more modifications, add-ons and hacks in the “ Mods & Plugins” section of the 4images forum.