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PLS, be informed that job was delegated to one of 4images community. Thank you.

Hi All,

Here I would like to find smart 4images admin who knows 4images well and ready to provide paid service to perform my tasks.
First of all, communication language is English or Russian (preffered).
I will pay in USD via PayPal only once the job will be done to avoid cheating. The sum is three digits only ($DDD). Please quote your prices via PM. All qustions & discussions here.
Time for the job - not limited, but reasonable - one-two months?

My web site runs ver. 1.7.10 and located here:

So, here list of desirable MODs and modifications:

1.   Additional fields for images, I need 3 pcs.

2.   Additional fields for user, I need 2 pcs.

3.   <title> will be built by “Picture Name” + “Image additional field 1” + “Image additional field 2” + “Category name”. Same way with <description> and <keywords>. If it is possible.

4.   Best SEO MOD.

5.   Uploaded original picture to be stored and available by link “Original”. Images uploaded by users resized in auto mode and original stored as well.

6.   Auto back up. or

7.   Login with Facebook. Any other OpenID support?

8.   All images will have (should be so) IMO number from additional field (#1). (This number is unique number for units like a ship, plane or tank and etc). So, I want on DETAIL page of certain ship with IMO number “12345”, all other pictures with relevant IMO number “12345”  to be displayed in footer. Something like this (if I understood correctly: )

9.   Googlemap support

10.   AJAX Comments and comment rating without page reload

11.   AJAX Star rating without page reload.

12.   Threated comments

13.   Photo preview or

14.   Searchbox – suggestion like Google

15.   Watermark any mod, ideally keeps original (BIG) file unchanged.

16.   Preloading animation

17.   AJAX username checker

18.   Multiupload support or

19.   Photo of the day

20.   Enable Avatars

21.   Last comments MOD to first page.

22.   Batch Copy/Move

23.   Complete HTML ecards

24.   Random Slide

25.   Send email when an answer to your Comments or Image

Idea is to bring up features of 4images in new level, as most experienced users here :)
Later one, once it will be done I will need a person who will do clean web 2.0 design and adopt it as template or so.

I hope that my explanations are enough.

PS: web site is for my fun and honor :)
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