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the following is LEGAL:

*go to a detail page*

to do that go here and login with your adsense account:

Under Inventory create a new Unit, u will see that you can
choose a target _blank

Get sure that this is checked:
Code: [Select]
Maximize revenue of unsold and remnant inventory with AdSense
Now under Inventory click on > Generate Tags, then you have your code,
place this instead of the normal adsense code and you have a _blank target.

If you don't set many own placements then normal adsense code will be shown.

Howto simulate mouse or key event?  :twisted: <== that should be illegal ;)


I mentioned that's enough to set up a single unit, you don't need to change the adsense
codes on your website, at that moment you signed up with dfp and made at least one unit
your normal adsense advertisements went to target _blank

you can see that on the little logo in adsense code:

If that helped you, say:

Greetz X23
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