Author Topic: Problem with treat bots as registered users. Will pay can you fix?  (Read 3245 times)

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If you can solve this issue and keep it functioning along with the forum mod and not disable other mods in the process I will send you 10$ US per paypal. This is a lot of money in China ... please let me know.


Id their something wrong with my request that I get no response?

Is it an impossible modification or way to compliucated that know one knows how to do it because it is technicallyl impossible? Please let me know.

I want to use this mod to hide everytthing but the key information. I am guessing the reason why google has not indexed any of  my pages is because there is so much data that it is only indexing a little... so if this is workign I can cut out all the unneccissary data from the robots.

Still no answer. Is it a money problem? How much do I need to pay?

I still have received no reply... and do not know why?!?!?!?!

HOW MUCH MONEY WILL IT COST????!?!?!?! I need this please...! Without it My site will never get correctly indexed by google..
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As long as I can finish my site before I die.