Which of the following things would be most handy?

Auto Thumbnailer issue
5 (45.5%)
Smilies in comments
2 (18.2%)
Another rating system
0 (0%)
Online users
3 (27.3%)
New images issue
1 (9.1%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: June 09, 2002, 05:49:16 PM

Author Topic: What i would like to see in the next version  (Read 6887 times)

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What i would like to see in the next version
« on: June 09, 2002, 05:49:16 PM »

first this: I want to thank Jan Sorgalla for making such a wonderful script, it was exactly what I needed for my site :D..

But, as the subject shows, I would like to see some additional features:

1. Auto-Thumbnailer issue

The auto-thumbnailer doesn't work the way I want to. Everytime someone uploads a picture and doesn't upload the thumbnail with it, the admin must make a thumbnail in stead of the script. I'd like an automated thumbnailer which makes a thumbnail the moment the picture is being uploaded in stead of the admin taking care of it.

2. Smilies in comments

I read that you're going to make the 4images script work together with the phpBB2 forum. What I'd like to see is the smilies from the forum included with 4images, and the users will be able to insert smilies in their comments.

3. Another rating-system

I'm thankful for the "Top images" system. Only i would like the option to give 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 :)

4. Online users

I would like to see the "Currently there are 1 users online etc." on every page, including the categories

5. New images issue

Images stay new for 1 day (in my version).. I would like to see this:

A user logs in, he sees 5 new images uploaded that day. He clicks on one, returns to the main categorie, and now sees the image he just clicked isn't new anymore. Now there are only 4 images new.

I really hope 1 or more of these will make it into the next version, I can think of many reasons users will find these features very handy :)


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Re: What i would like to see in the next version
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2009, 06:56:00 PM »
hey dude/// u do not need ti shift to the next version  :wink:

i can help u ... its so easy .........................................

tell me what u want by step by step ~
I'm Back :)