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This mod has been updated to version 4.5

There was a major flaw where it was getting the file dimensions from the random image instead of the detail image...
Please note in the new instructions...
The code in the Functions.php now has to go after the "rate_form"
In the old instructions it was placed in before it. Please remove the code from Before the "rate_form" and follow the instructions as to where to place the modified code After that area of the functions file and you should be good.

It works fine :). Thank you for investing so much time and knowledge to keep this great Mod up to date!!

The thing that is troubling me in your post is that you are saying when it first brings the details page up everything is correct?
Then if you hit refresh it gives you all the options? Are you caching those pages? Can you turn it off to see if it is a caching issue because it should do the same thing each time.

Yes, a cache issue was my first thought, but caching is disabled, browser cache is empty, delete cache plugin used and cache folder manually checked and empty. I thought that I solved the problem when this happened first with the new installaion, but after a refresh of the image, all resoultions were shown again.  

Update: Now I took again a complete new installation, with a new database, and it seems to work. So, please do nothing :)

Next Update:: I have no idea what it is. I thought it was the database, but now I get the same problem again, after doing the whole work again. After some testing I found out, that it is really luck what appears on the details page. With each Browser Refresh I get another result. Sometimes it is 2 or 3 times correct, sometimes its 2 or 3 times wrong and all sizes are shown. Seems that the Mod has problems to identify the correct size of the image from which he should resize the downloads. It´s changing all the time. Really strange.


Hi Budduke,

I fear that I found another little problem with the actual version of 4images.

What happens to me is that I can´t restrict the resizes to images that are smaller than the original one that lies in the root of the category folder.
So it happens, that I have an image with a resolution of e.g. 1600x1200px but on detail page I can resize also the bigger resolutions (e.g. 2560x1920) although I configured the category in that way, that only smaller sizes than the original should be offered.

I first thought that that might be caused by other mods I use, but now I tried it with a clean installation of 4 images and the same thing happens. The strange thing is, that it seems to work perfectly the first time the image is selected. So if a new image is selected the first time everything works correctly, if I reload the page, all resolutions that I have in my global.php are shown, without restricting the bigger sizes that I do not want.

Any idea what might be the problem?

Thank you



With the help of the tutorial in this board I added some additional fields in the member profile and this works fine - as long as I don´t try to add an addtional link. This doesn´t work and I have no idea what I should change to make it work. What I need is a second homepage link (many people today habe a homepage and a blog, they are showing their images on communities like flickr or Does anyone have an idea how to realize additional link fields in profile?


Noch einmal in deutsch. Ich habe mit Hilfe des Tutorials hier im Board einige zusätzliche Felder in das Member Profil eingefügt. Das funktioniert hervorragend, so lange ich nicht versuche einen zusätzlichen Link einzufügen. Daran bin ich bisher gescheitert und habe auch keine Idee mehr wie ich das hinbekomme. Heute haben viele Leute neben der eigenen Homepage einen Blog oder sie möchten Links zu ihren Galerien auf Flickr oder setzen. Dafür bräuchte ich im Prinzip 3-5 Klone des "user_homepage" - Feldes. Hat das schon jemand hinbekommen?

Danke eure Hilfe


Thank you for looking after it. Everything works perfectly now  :D

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod] Different Thumbnail sizes
« on: September 25, 2012, 12:01:13 PM »
Ah, thank you, I´ll try this.  :)

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod] Different Thumbnail sizes
« on: September 25, 2012, 10:07:21 AM »

I have a question regarding the mod. I tested a few things and as far as I can see the additional thumbnail sizes are all created from the original file but not from the thumbnail file. Is this correct?

Is there be a possibility to create additional thumbnail sizes from thumnbail file, if this file is big enough e.g. 600x450 px?



Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod] Different Thumbnail sizes
« on: September 20, 2012, 10:11:13 AM »
Hi Rembrandt,

thanks for answering. It was my mistake. After upgrading to 1.7.11 I forgot to change the original top.php file with my modified one. :oops: Your mod also works perfectly with a modified toplist. Sorry if I caused any inconvenience.


Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod] Different Thumbnail sizes
« on: September 19, 2012, 09:05:34 AM »
First of all, thank you for this mod. It works fine with 1.7.11 and I love it.

I have only one question regarding the top lists. Normally I call an image preview/thumbnail on my toplist like this:


After installing the mod there is no longer a thumbnail but a link. How do I manage it, that the small thumbnail is shown on toplist? I tried it like this:

{image_downloads_thumb_small_1} or {image_downloads_thumbnail_small_1}

but this doesn´t work. Do you have any idea how it can work, or does it need further changes in the code to show thumbnails on toplists after installing the mod?

vg Tiburon

Hi Budduke,

thank you for fixing this problem now. Creation and deleting of categories works fine now but it seems that there is another problem with the new version of 4images.

I tried to install the mod twice with a new installation of 4images 1.7.11 and everything seems to work but when I want to download an image it opens in a new window (like i want it to do) but then I get an broken image.
Don´t know if this might be caused by download.php or if I made a mistake.

First of all, thanks for developing this mod, really good work.

I tested it with the actual version 1.7.11 and there seems to be a problem with adding new categories.

Normally you have to search the following cod twice, when modifiying the admin/categories.php
$auth_postcomment $HTTP_POST_VARS['auth_postcomment'];

This code has changed in version 1.7.11 to:

 $auth_postcomment intval($HTTP_POST_VARS['auth_postcomment']);

// MOD Multi Download 
$multi_download = (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['multi_download'])) ? intval($HTTP_POST_VARS['multi_download']) : 0
// END MOD Multi download

I inserted the Mod code above after those new versions (twice), but that doesn´t work. It is no longer possible to add a category.
Don´t know how, but it might be, that the Mod code at this point has to be changed a little bit.
When I replaced the new "admin/categories.php" with an older modified version, it worked again.

First of all, thank you for this MOD. Great work.

I installed it to a local installation of version 1.7.8 and as far as I can see it works fine (I had to edit "includes/db_field_definitions.php instead of "includes/db_definitions.php" which doesn´t exist anymore.)

There is only a little error in it.


- an image is uploaded to category 1 and then added to category 2
- if there are already images in category 2 everything works fine
- if there are no images in category 2 the category name is changed to category 1 if you list the category

It doesn´t really bother but there might be a simple solution to fix this little error.

v@no -- do not reply if you are not going to help -- asking hoster is not an answer that is helpful.

This answer ist very helpful because I guess that no one here has a crystal ball, where he can see where your hoster has the databases.
Normally you get all information concerning your domain and databases when you order webspace and domains. So you should look there or ask the hoster.

What name do we use when setting up the installation where it asks for the database host name?  Is this the domain that the install in registered on for instance if I have a domain on and my domain name registered is do I create a host name as  or do i create a database name

You can´t "create" a hostname. The hostname depends on the location where the database is hosted. Generally you should try it with "localhost" but if that doesn´t work ask your provider for the data you need.

Hi budduke,

I sent you a link with the files via PM. Thanks a lot for checking my files.  :)

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