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I use 4images to display mp3 files. I was using the mp3 Flash Mod and it worked GREAT for years but I stopped using it about a year ago because the flash mp3 player doesn't work on mobile devices.
Can someone modify the mp3 player to be html5 or mobile device friendly? i will gladly pay for this modification!
I'm going to install a brand new fresh 4images gallery with no mods so you don't have to worry about working around previous mods. I NEED THIS ASAP!
Tell me how much it will cost and how long it will take please.

I have a very customized 4images site, most customising is done graphically though, and I need the following 2 mods. The pages that I need modded have no other modifications done to them, they are stock.

1. Need member profiles to have 7 input fileds and 2 text area fields for retrieving addition information from my members when they sign up and also when they want to edit their profile. I want this info to display in their profile but dont need to access it at all from admin area.

2. Need to allow members to upload 1 picture of them selves to their profile.
thats it.

a lil background on my site
My site does NOT function as a gallery, there are NO images for displaying, all the files on my site are mp3 files for sale to the members. My members do not currently upload anything to my site they visit, listen to and download mp3s, select what they want to buy and purchase it.

Please let me know how much this will be and how long it will take.
I will provide link to my site after connecting with someone to do the work.


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