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hi all,
i know, there is a mod from Chris called:
Keep Track Of What Each User Has Downloaded (

he has the following clarified:
Summary Description NOTE: This is NOT a download stats or counter mod

is someone able to create a mod doing exactly this?

it would be very helpful to know in addition:
- the exact date and time of download
- the name of the downloaded file

in my case it would be a hires-picture, because i want to set up a commercial archive.
finally i could attach a special logfile or a list with download timestamps to my invoice.

it is the general practice in this business.

many thanx in advance

p.s.: or does this mod already exist and i was not able to find it... :?:

hi all,
i inserted a well running javascript menu in the header.html. but here it does an error message. the links are working, but the mouseover and some other effects are gone.
(the link is removed now, because the problem is solved...)
on any other html-site it works perfectly, but unfortunately not here...

i would like to display the iptc-tags in a customized table, but it seems that the iptc-info is handled as a block and not as individual lines for each value.
surely, i can comment out special lines in the functions.php file, but there is no way to sort the fields or to put them separately in html-tags in the iptc_bit.html-template.
am i really right??

i don´t hope so...

Installation, Update & Configuration / pdf dateien anzeigen...
« on: July 15, 2002, 08:12:08 PM »
hallo zusammen!
zuallererst mal ein gigantisches lob an die entwickler!!
bin fotograf und kann dieses skript (sobald alle templates und funktionen an meine website angepasst sind...) optimal zur jobabstimmung mit meinen kunden nutzen (und dann auch brav die lizenz erwerben  :wink: )
da zu meinen job´s nicht nur fotos, sondern auch layoutvorlagen gehören, nun meine frage:
wie kann man pdf-dateien anzeigen (will sie halt nicht erst runterladen)?
das pdf-template hält nur den platzhalter für das icon vor...  :cry:
sie sollten sich übrigens in einem neuen fenster öffnen!

(bin anscheinend der erste, der danach fragt...)

danke im voraus!


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