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Discussion & Troubleshooting / Member Login does not work
« on: August 12, 2006, 10:31:27 PM »
I have just re-installed fresh 1.7.3 databases and replaced all files with the new ones. I then re-populated the database with the old database entries an re-installed the old templates. Things are working just fine, but for some reason member login does not work in the custom templates, even if I copy the user_loginform from the default template, which is working just fine. Its a bit of a mystery, so it either has to be a change in database structure from 1.7 or there are other templates that need to be changed to get the login to work.

Anyone care to try to help me solve this?

The galleries are:

Chit Chat / $$ Skilled Programmer Needed $$
« on: April 30, 2005, 01:58:48 AM »
I am looking for someone with skill and maturity to work on a few Modifications I have in mind for 4images.

Most pressing is the need to fix the sessions problem I am having for searches after adding the IPB modification, but I'll also have other things in the works.
If you feel you have the competence to do serious coding and the maturity to complete projects that you sign up for, then throw me a PM.

I will make all payments through PayPal and if things work out I will be able to keep giving you assignments for projects on my own websites and for my webdesign clients.

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