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It would be great to make no limit on how many days to view the postcard. I use 4images Gallery for a stock site. So if someone sends a postcard but then wants to look at it a month, they no longer can. I found this code:

if ($action == "sendcard") {
  $expiry = time() - 60 * 60 * 24 * POSTCARD_EXPIRY;
          WHERE (postcard_date < $expiry)";

and this code

if ($action == "showcard") {
  $expiry = time() - 60 * 60 * 24 * POSTCARD_EXPIRY;
          WHERE (postcard_date < $expiry)";

What do I change to make the time unlimited for viewing?

Hi, I have tried to get the answer to this in the forums but no one seems to know the answer. I need the following done:

For my gallery, I need 3 files for each image:
1) A thumbnailódone.
2) A jpeg previewódone.
3) And then for the download, I want it to link to a larger file. But right now I have to manually go in type in the URL for the download file for every image. I would like it to populate that area automatically when I import images. Please tell me how much it will cost for this modification. Thanks!

Right now when I use the "Check New Images" function, I have to enter nearly the same data for two of the fields. How can I make it automatic? Here are the two items:

I always have a larger download for every file so I would like the "Download URL" field to always be filled in for new images with:

In the "Description" I always want it to be prefilled with:
Model Release: NA
Property Release: NA

What code do I need to change so that it always does these?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / How often to Rebuild the Search Index?
« on: June 30, 2009, 07:38:13 AM »
Should I only rebuild the search index if I am having problems or should I do it on some kind of regular basis? What are the benefits of doing so?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Search/Show all images
« on: June 17, 2009, 01:13:49 AM »
I saw it in the forums once before and now I cannot find it. Does anyone know how you can do a search and have every image show up? I suppose I could put a keyword in every image like "all" but if I ever forgot to put that in one image then my scheme would not really work. Thanks for any tips.

On the home page of my site:

you can see there is the list of all the categories I have so far. But if you click into any of the categories, that list disappears. I have the same code on the category pages as I do on the home page. So there must be something in the code that is "turning off" the list on the category pages. I tried looking into the code to see where the if/then type of code is but I can't figure it out. Anyone know of a quick way to make the categories show up? Thanks for any help.

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Search not working on some pages
« on: June 11, 2009, 11:00:30 PM »
The search function is not working on some parts of my site. Is this a 4images issue or have I buggered up my code somehow?

If I search for "girl" here:
search works fine.

Now, if I stay on that page with the search results and search again, I automatically get rerouted to the advanced search page (which means it didn't find any images). This would be a problem if someone came to my site and searched for "girl", saw the results, didn't like them and maybe refined their search to "woman". At that point, they would think I don't have any pictures of a "woman". Anyone with any ideas what is going on?

NEVER MIND! Per the "buggered up my own code" above--that's exactly what I did. All is fixed.

I add new images to my site via FTP. I add the thumbnail images to the thumbnail folder. I add the detail images to the media folder. I add the download images to a separate download folder. Then I logon on to my site and use the check for new images function. Here are my issues when I do this:

When I add new images, is there a way to make the IPTC information for the keywords and description automatically import without having to open each and every image in admin and clicking the IPTC button for each image description and keyword?

Also, for the details page, I have the images set to 600 pixels wide. But for the download image, I want people to get a 1200 pixel wide image. So I have a separate folder with the 1200 pixel wide images on the server. But when I add images I have to manually go into each image and input the information of where that 1200 pixel wide image is. Can I modify the import function to automatically enter that info for me. I am using a consistent naming and location for the 1200 pixel wide images (I used the same name for the thumb, detail, and download image but just stored in different folders). So for each image I have:

Thumbnail <--automatically configured for each image by the 4images software
Detail Image  <--automatically configured for each image by the 4images software
Download Image  <--right now I have to edit each image and tell it where to find this.

Thanks for any help on these issues.

More info:
So I think these modifications need to be done in the checkimages.php file. I see everything in the file relating to my above items: image description, image keywords and download URL. I've tried modifying a few lines but can't figure out how to get it done. It looks like it would be a really easy modification but I can't figure it out.

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