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I just placed a MPEG video on-line using 4images. It recognized the video clip when I did a scan for new files in my new video clip category. However, when I click on the clip I see a square box without the clip inside, it has a small icon in the upper left hand corner with a pyramid, square and a circle. I forgot what this meant? Properties on this mystery box give me
Code: [Select]
Any ideas? Ideally I would like the video clip to begin playing in this box which is how I thought it would work.


Discussion & Troubleshooting / Using Image Resizer
« on: May 07, 2003, 11:54:58 PM »
I have been using 4images for quite sometime but have never had the need to use the auto image resizer until today when I imported around 150 images which are WAY too big at 1095X821
Is using this feature just as easy as setting a minimum and maximum in the config then running the "Auto Image Resizer" or is there something else to it?
If it is just that easy I am a little clueless on pixels. What is a good size so most people can view the images without having to scroll? 800X600?

Many thanks!

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Problems with AutoThumbnailer..
« on: May 07, 2003, 10:41:18 PM »
Don't know what is wrong, I installed 4images many times with no problems. What is happening now, when I click on autothumbnailer after adding a number of new images with the check new images function nothing happens. In the main body of 4images where I would typically see some activity nothing appears.

My set-up is as follows:
- IIS 6.0
- Using ImageMagic
--- Yes, it is configured in ImageMagic as ImageMagick and full path is c:\imagemagick\convert.exe
- Yes, the anonymous web user has full rights in the imagemagick and 4images folders.

What the heck else could it be? Again, no error messages, when I click auto-thumbnailer it shows nothing in the main activity window.


Installation, Update & Configuration / Auto Sorting Category by Alpha?
« on: April 06, 2003, 09:00:23 PM »
Is there anyway to AUTO sort categories? I add between 5 - 20 new sub-categories a week and would like them to sort A-Z, it's too time consuming using the little arrow thingie in the control panel to manually move them.
Thanks  8)

Installation, Update & Configuration / A few quick questions
« on: March 06, 2003, 04:14:54 AM »
(1) Regarding Security - I to allow my co-admins to create categories, add pictures, etc. I have played around with the secutiry mechanism in 4images but have no idea how to do this  :?
(2) Is there a way to upload more then 1 image at a time through the Web interface?
(3) Let's say I have folders with 10 - 20 folders each destined for new albums or existing albums. Using FTP how can I mass import these images in? The directory structure is a bit confusing.

Thanks! This is an awesome package!

Installation, Update & Configuration / Adding a search box?
« on: March 04, 2003, 04:16:37 PM »
Is there a built in search functionality? I owuld like to search all albumn names, sometimes I forget if I already have a category established for a particular series.
Thanks  :P

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Black Box instead of text? -- HELP!
« on: March 02, 2003, 04:10:10 PM »
:D Howdy Smart people,
For some reason it would appear that the background color or hi-light color on certain aspects of my 4images implementation is black. Thus, since the text is black you don't see anything except a black box which is not very useful (:
You can see an example by following this link
If anybody has an idea I would sure appreciate it, I have tweaked the styles 48 ways from Tuesday and can't get it figured out.

Installation, Update & Configuration / Hlighting in black?
« on: January 31, 2003, 06:21:39 AM »
For some reason certain parts of my 4images is hilighting text in black, thus making the text unreadable, for example, the header, the "site name" is completley black. I have gone through the .css file tweaked .head1 and .head2 and I see no differences. Where else can it be grabbing these colors from? I have 4images wrapped inside a blog, is it possible it is adopting this color theme?
Thanks!  :lol:

Is there an easy way to do this? I currently have about 150 albums and 3500 photos. I am having to create the album, figure out what 4images named the folder, copy the files in to the folder then run a check for files from the control panel. Is there a faster way? I am concerned I may lose my mind if I have to go through all of these!  8O

Installation, Update & Configuration / Do images have to have names?
« on: January 28, 2003, 05:28:05 PM »
I have around 4000 images, there names have nothing to do with the image, rather they were gernated automatically with another application. Is there anyway to make it so I don't have to use names and more importantly not have to show the names to the user? It is not very helpful for the user to see dsc00456789.gif as an image name (: All I want the user to see are thubmnails, that is just fine  :lol:

Installation, Update & Configuration / Problems with Auto-thumbnailer
« on: January 28, 2003, 08:37:40 AM »
I have been using gallery for quite sometime with imagemagick so I am sure it works properly and is installed ok. I have just installed 4images, selected imagemagick in the settings, set my imagemagick path to c:\imagemagick\convert.exe. I then bulk imprted a ton of files in, ran autothumbnail, nothing happened. Blank screen, no error, no nothing. Running ImageMagick 5.5.4. Any ideas? Searched the forums already.

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