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I'm trying import password stored in external database to 4images.
The transferred passwords are encrypted via md5 password encryption, but still donít work.
In the database the stored passwords are much shorter that the passwords originally created in 4images.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Requests for paid modifications / Jobbörse / Billing MOD needed
« on: February 06, 2008, 10:17:28 AM »
Dear All

I have a client who has licensed copy of 4images.

He has a pay web site for videos and photos.

Now the access to the web site is protected by the billing company (CCBill - via htaccess.

The client request is the following new functionality of the website:

Updating the 4images users database with the CCBill software, so the active users (paid for some period) will be users in the 4images database.

That will allow controlling the access of paid/nonpaid users to the content of the website (categories/images/videos).

The client request is that the non-paid users (the visitors) can see the thumbnails but on click them the software will guide them to the payment page. The paid users have access to the all content.

Iím interesting is it possible and about your price of this modification?

Thanks in advance

How to add the file type (extension -or icon for the extension) under the thumbnail in the categories page and under the photo on details page?
/ ------------------------ /
/ Image Thumbnail /
/ ------------------------ /
Image name (user)
File size
File type (extension)

Thank you!

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