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Version: 1.7.2

I recently moved 4images from my old server to a new one.

After the move, it seems to work except no more email notifications are being sent out.

- I am not seeing any error messages
- I am not using SMTP
- Other scripts, both Perl & Php are sending emails from this new account without a problem
- These missing messages are not getting caught in any spam filters.

I moved the MySQL database, moved the 4images directory, and I updated my settings in config.php... is there anything else I need to do?

What else can I check?




Oddly, all I had to do was reenter my various admin email addresses... none of them changed but reentering them seems to have resolved this issue.    :?:

I searched this forum and hope I didn't miss anything before posting.

I have over 400 photos in dozens of categories.

I was wondering if it's possible to be able to allow all users to see all photos at once.  As it stands, they must look inside each category.  With a single link it would be nice to show all photos in one master category as well.

version 1.7.2


You've probably seen this question a thousand times yet I'm stuck.   I must be doing something wrong.  I can't get past the first screen and don't understand why.

Here is how I'm filling out the info...

Database server type: mysql
Database server hostname:  I'm entering the full domain name of my site.  I've tried both with and without the "www" and the "http://"
Database name:  Pretty easy.  I'm putting in the exact name of the new mysql database I just created.
Database username:  As per my host's instructions, this is just my domain name without the "www" and without the "dot com".  Same username for logging into my MySql control panel which is working.
Database password:  Password is the one I chose when I created me new mysql database.
Prefix for tables in database   default setting... "4images_"

Admin username:  I can only assume this is the master username for my entire web site hosting account.  Is this true?
Admin password:  Again I assume that this is the password for my hosting account.

I'm paying attention to the case of the letters and tried this about a dozen times... nothing works.

Anything else I can try??

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