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BUMP.. can anyone confirm that PHP 5.4 would break 1.7.9 any idea?

Hello.. I had a pretty popular site proudly running 4images.. I whent to check on the site today and my  home page is completely blank at

After some trouble shooting I realized my host got rid of PHP 5.2 and migrated all of my sites to 5.4.. Could this be this issue?

if not i am very confused..  :roll: :idea: :?: :cry:

please help  :cry:

Also can you please link me to the best method to manually upgrade 1.7.9 to 1.7.11 having issues finding on the forum, I have allot of mods so I'm a little scared.


interested as well! TREZ i like your monthly top mod.. are you still around the forums?

hey sorry - location added.

If you want to go a bit further & add animation -

mod the .pic class in style.css

with this code:
Code: [Select]

-webkit-transform:scale(1); /*Webkit: Scale down image to 0.8x original size*/
-moz-transform:scale(1); /*Mozilla scale version*/
-o-transform:scale(1); /*Opera scale version*/
-webkit-transition-duration: .3s; /*Webkit: Animation duration*/
-moz-transition-duration: .3s; /*Mozilla duration version*/
-o-transition-duration: .3s; /*Opera duration version*/
opacity: 1; /*initial opacity of images*/
z-index: 20;

-webkit-transform:scale(1.24); /*Webkit: Scale up image to 1.2x original size*/
-moz-transform:scale(1.24); /*Mozilla scale version*/
-o-transform:scale(1.24); /*Opera scale version*/
opacity: 1;
-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 20px  10px  black;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 20px 10px   black;
box-shadow: 0 0 20px 10px  black;
z-index: 22;


works in FF but doesn't animate the grow/shrink..

STill looking for IE fix for fluid layout! if anyone could help

hmm edited index.php and added {news_images_bycat} to home not showin anything.. 1.7.9

My first MOD! came about when none of the Auto-thumbnailers were working with my HQ gifs. So I made it so they are still images until mouse-over - it previews the actual file.
you see this on Video/porno websites..
I also made it so that width is a percentage = fluid thumbnail layout.  8)

Demo: (images need buffering period, you'll see)

located in includes/functions.php


    else {
$file_src get_file_path($thumb_file_name"thumb"$cat_id01);
$image_info = @getimagesize($file_src);
$width_height = (!empty($image_info[3])) ? " ".$image_info[3] : "";
$thumb "<img src=\"".$file_src."\" border=\"".$config['image_border']."\"".$width_height." alt=\"".format_text($image_name2)."\" title=\"".format_text($image_name2)."\" />";


    else {
$file_src get_file_path($thumb_file_name"thumb"$cat_id01);
$orig_src get_file_path($thumb_file_name"media"$cat_id01);
$image_info = @getimagesize($file_src);
$width_height = (!empty($image_info[3])) ? " ".$image_info[3] : "";
$thumb "<img onmouseover=\"(src='$orig_src')\" src=\"".$file_src."\" onmouseout=\"(src='$file_src')\" width=\"90%\" class=\"pic\" border=\"0\"  alt=\"".format_text($image_name2)."\" title=\"".format_text($image_name2)."\"/>";

Any suggestions?


In IE i need to fix the width.. how do i add width="90%" into string - onmouseover=\"(src='$orig_src')\"  ??

For the Lightbox Page I want to use the "media" source instead of the "thumb" so that they are animated - help here would be cool...

Also If you go to my Lightbox page and click on an image i get a 404 error  :? any help with that would be great

Hope you like my lil mod  :lol:

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: how to edit {thumbnail}?
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:43:45 PM »
i would like to know this as well.. can you style within curly brackets? ive tried surrounding it with a div..

this helped me resize my random image in randome_image.html, but uses original file not the generated thumbnail

<a href="{image_url}"> <img src="{media_src}" border="0" alt="{image_name}" style="max-width: 200px; width: expression(this.width > 200 ? 200: true);"></a>

been futzing with this for 2 hours  :?

works fine once logged in.. seems like there is a problem with the <div> or styling of the login form

any ideas?

haha.. yeah i know.. thats what im dealing with here with 1-5mb animated gifs..  :oops:

but runs much faster on 4images with pre-made thumbnails..

speaking of HD going to see TRON 2nite at IMAX whos with me?   8)

Hey guys!
first of all want to say that i have spent the last 4 hours searching, reading, and messing with my 4images install..
really love the software and I am looking forward to making it fit my needs..

A little about my project:
I am setting up a site It will be the home of Animated Gifs w/ 720p and 1080p resolution (technically just sized at 720 and 1080)
But these gifs are real Big, Nice, And Huge and i want to make my 4gifs reflect that. If my thumbnails are 600px wide.. im ok with that
you know?

So Here are some things i want to do.. maybe you guys have some suggestions for a beginner Mod-er. I know that some of them are in the forums already, but
just a lil refresher on which mods are Sound & working on 1.7.9 - I am most likely going to hire a developer to MOD 4images even further.

IDEAL 4IMAGES MODWould be cool if everything was contained in a viewer like COOLIRIS or TiltViewer (saw that MOD) but all catagories, login, comments, uploads, where accessed through the panel with the gallery as a dynamic wall in the background.. If somebody wants to work with my on this or they have a price they would do it for.. i dont think it would be THAT hard.. essentailly it would just be modifying some PHP for the viewer to reflect :newimages :topImages :catagories :imagesbyuser etc.. all of the interface could be divs hovering over it with slick css (im good at slick css)  :mrgreen:
xxx: coolirisxxx:  

4 now though have my sights set on these mods..
- First of all i need HQ animated thumbnails!! ImageMagik?
- Want Categories as list in the sidebar
- Want a MINIMUM size.. so users cant upload 600px wide gifs (thats not HD) want the minimum to be 1280X720px  :idea:
- Want a sleek upload page or slide down upload.. maybe could retr0-fit the slide down login?
- coolest rating system?
-be cool to have multi-size download but i dont think its working with animated gifs

- Any suggestions / cool stuff i should know about...?? really just putting this post up to get some New ideas going..

4images ruulleez!!!   :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



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