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the problem is, that google has always two versions of every page in the index.


the problem is the duplicate content, because img1562.htm and are exactly the same pages. what can i do against it?

Hi @all,

its some months ago, that i have been here on this forum. my webgallery works fine now, thanks to all of you (especially jan and v@no).
But i got a new serious problem. iīve installes mod rewrite and so i got duplicate content in google, now. the biggest problem seems to be the search.htm.

for example:


i found this in this thread, does this solve my problem?

or another alternative replace in search.php:
    show_image($image_row, "search");
(I think this is better Wink)

does mod rewrite change the files on the server?
or are the *.htm files only temporary created? iīm afraid of destroying my files with this mod


but i havenīt tried it, yet

but i will this weekend

a situpid question :?

i made all the changes, but how can i see that it is working?

i asked first.  :D

but nobody seems to know any :cry: answer

question 1 seems to be the same like my question in the other thread. am i right?

yeah, i found the old topic 2 hours before all has been deleted. i had the topic on my screen and then i left the computer for 2 hours. as i returned i hit the refresh button and then i saw the 2 images of this little b....

i want that, if the users upload images, a small thumbnail, a middle Detail picture and a big picture for download will be created.
at the moment i got the small thumbs and the big download pic. on the detail page there is shown a small version of the big picture. but this pic isnīt really resized. it looks only smaller but loads as long as the original image. i found this on the site does anybody know how they did it?

does anyone know how to optimize 4 images?
i found this on the net. does this help?

how can i create smaller detail pictures to save bandwidth. at my site users can upload very big pictures but this makes a lot of traffic. i want the detail pic to be smaller (around 600 pixel). Only if the user i clicking on the download button he can get the original picture.

at the moment my detail pictures have only the width of 600 pixels, but the kb size is the same like the original image.

i hope you understand my problem and sb can help me

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