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Here are some danish lightbox buttons, on danish it's called favoritter:

Take care and Have Fun, thebign :D

This isn't super urgent but I was wondering if anyone could make me 2 sets of buttons that read:

My Album
My Favorites

I'm using the default buttons that come with 4images so the blank ones posted here would be what I need.  I just don't have the skill or knowledge to do it myself in something like Photoshop :( although I do have access to it and to Fireworks.  I'll take any help I can get even if it's a set of Photoshop actions or written instructions on how I can do this myself.

It's hard for me to explain it, because i don't have a english version of Photoshop. But i created the buttons for you  :D


Jan, would it work if u could post a saved project for photoshop? will we be able use it? as I beilive u use just different layers and just put them together?

Many thanks Jan !


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