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I have two 4images-installations of 4images that uses the same database. So the first one has a normal template and for the second one i made a minimalistic template for mobile browsers. On my landing index.php i made a selection to see what browser the user has. If its a mobile-browser he will be redirected to the Mobile page, if not, then to the normal page... Itīs not the best way but it runs. On the bottom of each page you can switch from normal to mobile and back...

But i am interested in a real responsive template too...


--- Quote from: chamkani.net on April 02, 2015, 04:59:03 PM ---Yes! i can make it responsive. Let me have a try.. Wish me best of luck  :mrgreen:

--- End quote ---

I would love this! I have a huge database and would love to move it to responsive theme! Something great for browsing on the phone.

Any update?

Finally i did it. Prodigy is first 4images Responsive template supporting smartphone and google fetching algorithm.



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