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This Mod is a example for the Mod: "Additional category fields" with "radio" Button

Required, this Mod: Additional category fields

Example Mod with "textarea"

1.) add in your DB:
Code: [Select]
ALTER TABLE 4images_categories ADD category_adsence TINYINT(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL

2.) add in db_field_definitions.php :

['category_adsence'] = array($lang['category_adsence'], "radio"0);

3.) add in your lang/main.php:

['category_adsence'] = "View Adsence:";

4.) add (where ever you want) e.g. in your thumbnail, category or details.html:
Code: [Select]
{if category_adsence}
  your adsence code....
{endif category_adsence}

Now you can in admin categories turn on/off the adsence code, or what ever between the {if category_adsence} ... {endif category_adsence} is.

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Not Worked  :(