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[MOD] PMv2 Tutorial Republished here

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actualy the problem is in PHP itself...some PHP versions cant "see" value of the "submit" button - and that what preview button is based on...u'll have to use javascript in the preview button:
--- Code: --- onClick="action.value='preview';"
--- End code ---

I*T  W*O*R*K*S*!
I was searching me mad because of that "error" and @ the end the reason is, because my hoster changed the PHP version w/o telling me... and I thought I made a typo somewhere in the code, whilst playing around with it.  :D

Thank you V@no :)

BTW: In the original PMS2.5.3 package is the MOST IMPORTANT emoticon missing:
have fun

Mark Gunter:

Such a simple solution! Thanks, Vano!

Are you happy with the formatting of the PM tutorial above? I can send the formatted version in an email to you, or post it, as it is, in "Mods Publishing . . ." forum if you like. Also, can help to re-format some of the other "lost" mods if you like.

OMG!!! what a great MOD!!! The best MOD ever!

Hi everyone How can use the bbcode from the the mod PM v.2 in my commments? I have installed the Both MODS Smillies and PM


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