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[MOD] PMv2 Tutorial Republished here

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If you'd like to use the PMv2 BBCode, you'd have to implement the PMv2...  :wink:

And then I guess it could go by replacing

{bbcode} with {bbcode2} in the comment_form.html template...  :?:

For smilies:

--- Quote ---Step 6.2

If u installed "Smiles" mod, comment it out too (do same thing as above, use /* at beginning of comment block and */ at the end.
Then add at the end of the file, just before closing ?>...
--- End quote ---

and check step 17 here:

For PM version 1 uninstall:
Check the text after
--- Quote ---Upgrade from PMS v1
--- End quote ---
http://www.4homepages.de/forum/index.php?topic=6692.msg30080#msg30080 (just a few posts above)

I have implement PMv.2 that what I asked that ;) but my smilies don't work any more in comments, i don't know how to put the PMv.2 bbcode i try to change {bbcode} with {bbcode2} but it does not work

I also put this in details.php

--- Code: ---        "comment_headline" => format_text($comment_row[$i]['comment_headline'], 0, $config['wordwrap_comments'], 0, 0, 1, 1),
        "comment_text" => format_text($comment_row[$i]['comment_text'], $config['html_comments'], $config['wordwrap_comments'], $config['bb_comments'], $config['bb_img_comments'], 1 , 1),
--- End code ---

 onClick="action.value='preview';" where I shoul put this?


1) you should first completely remove the old PMS version 1.

2) Then remove (or comment out) the old smilie-mod.

3) Install the PM system v2.5.3

And after all these steps it should work just fine...

the onClick=blablabla has to be in the pm-template called pm_new.html as a new attribute of the preview button there...
But you need that only if the preview function does not work on your site...

Thanks for your help!! :)
but I have never installed the old PMS version 1.
I installed  Install the PM system v2.5.3 last week :)
the preview function does not work on my site


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