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Warning: Unable to create './../data/media/1/file.gif'...



--- Quote ---Warning: Unable to create './../data/media/1/file.gif': No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/4images/includes/upload.php on line 114

Warning: Unable to move '/tmp/phppgy2eW' to './../data/media/1/file.gif' in /www/htdocs/4images/includes/upload.php on line 114
--- End quote ---

If you add new categories, the script creates folders in "data/media" and "data/thumbnails". The name of the folder is the ID of the category. If you get this error, the script has not created the folder correctly. In this case we are talking about the folder "1":


Maybe your error message shows you another foldername.

[*]Check if the folder "1" exists in "data/media" AND "data/thumbnails"
[*]If yes, check the permissions (must be chmod 777). Sometimes it will help to delete the folder and create it again via FTP (don't forget chmod 777 after doing this).
[*]If the folder doesn't exists, create it via FTP and chmod 777[/list:u]Some users reported, that this error occures only after adding the first category. For the next categories everythings works.


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