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I need some help with this simple JavaScript Code.

It seems to work flawlessly in Firefox, but it does NOT even show up in IE.

What seems to be the problem?? Thank you.

--- Quote ---FIXED!!!!
--- End quote ---


I probably should give you a credit for not being lazy and register on this forum just to ask the question (btw in the correct section), however being strictly 4images support forum what made you even considered ask it here?

Anyways, the problem is you've misspelled </tite> (or there was something you've been watching when coded it? :lol: j/k)
it supposed to be </title>

P.S. wow IE is awesome, one tag is misspelled and whole page is gone..

omggggggggg.. THANK YOU.. wow. that is crazy. I've been looking over and over for hours trying to figure it out.

and about the question about why i considered registering here.. I googled about javascripting not working in IE(even though the answer come out not even being related to JS) and found this place somehow.  I believe from a past thread.


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