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        Whenever I login into my ACP, I can see a lot of users usually browsing my website.. but actually most of them are spammers. I started blocking the spammers by their IPs.. but is this the only way to stop the spammers.. ??   

  Is there any better way to stop the spammers to visiting one website ?


same problem with me :( any suggestions ?


you will never have a chance to stop spammers. as they using proxies.. look another softwares.. like forums...
nothing is secure... captcha, reCaptcha.. there is nothing what you can do in my opinion. you banned one ip... they got another one.. you are again banning... new ip... again, again, again...
spammers are everywhere..

only one thing you can do which are you doing already... delete comments... ban user... ban ip (even you are maybe for later banning good users).... as you would maybe on a forum.

that is it.
hard work..

I have captcha on and I still get some spam in my comments.

If you get spam in your comments, one possible way that I am trying is to put the name of the URL that the spammer is posting
in my badword list. Spammers are trying to build up their Google search rankings with their URL on thousands of sites, I'm thinking
if the URL doesn't work, then the spammers or spambots will leave you alone.

Does anyone know how to include badwords to change words in the 'name' and 'website' fields of the comments section?
At the moment it only works in the 'comments' section


--- Quote from: didoman on November 03, 2010, 04:17:36 PM ---I have captcha on and I still get some spam in my comments.

--- End quote ---
try this

mfg Andi


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