Author Topic: Site slow down due to BOTs...  (Read 9938 times)

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Site slow down due to BOTs...
« on: October 18, 2011, 01:34:12 PM »
There are many requests of the any robots on my site. This is really slow down site loading. Anytime i have error "502 Bad Gateway"...

Look at the information from my log file below:

requests    %bytes       Organization
12334   71,78%
7913   46,40%
2810   15,85%

What to do? Any solutions?


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Re: Site slow down due to BOTs...
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2016, 04:08:05 AM »
Hello and happy new year.

I am very bothered (bored) with slow dances repeated logs égaement of Malformed Google, MSNBot, Apple Bot, Malformed MJ12 and others.

I gave a more important value of crawl-delay via the file robot txt, but for Google it is necessary to go to tools if your site is registered (recorded) and in the setting of the site, to ask for a slowing down of the indexation. I do not manage to find the good compromise, it is the real bad adventure.
I have slowlogs every day non-stop now and it is painful. I am going to try to reduce the time-out of the session to 5 and I would see if that changes actually something.
I don't know of when dates this post but if that can help or if somebody has a real idea.
The servers mutuality is sometimes a little limited, even with the compression deflates and the putting in mask (hiding place).

Sorry for my english.

Je suis très ennuyé avec les slows logs égaement à répétition de Google Bot, MSNBot, Apple Bot, MJ12 Bot et d'autres.

J'ai donné une valeur de crawl-delay plus importantes via le fichier robot txt, mais pour google il faut aller dans les outils si votre site est enregistré et dans le setting du site, demander un ralentissement de l'indexation.Je n'arrive pas à trouver le bon compromis, c'est une vraie galère.
J'ai des slowlogs tous les jours sans arrêt maintenant et c'est pénible.Je vais tenter de réduire le time-out de la session à 5 et je verrais si ça change effectivement quelque chose

.Je ne sais pas de quand date ce poste mais si ça peut aider ou si quelqu'un a une véritable idée.
Les serveurs mutualités sont parfois un peu limités, même avec la compression deflate et la mise en cache.

Nice weekend, bon weekend ...

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Re: Site slow down due to BOTs...
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2017, 03:35:44 PM »
I don't know why there are a lot of bots on your site. Something strange! maybe try to play with anti-bot systems for websites. It should help!