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$20 for this EASY ISSUE
« on: October 11, 2007, 03:50:13 PM »

I pay $20 in advance via PayPal for solving this EASY ISSUE.

I say EASY because I already had the same problem with MINI TOP template (MINITOP MOD) en with Random template. Thunderstrike has already solved it!

Oke, let's go:

I've tried to add an additional field {image_country} under the image on the jpg template, but the gallery shows randomly the country.
(The name of country is becomes a random tag)
For instance i get the country of an other image instead the right image.
How can I make that the gallery shows the right country of the image {image_country}?
It happend the same when I put {image_country} on the home.html. ({image_country} is working fine only on detail.html.

I am not using any mod for this one. I just want to show {image_country} (The additional field) on the jpg media template (jpg.html).
I mean that I want to put the tag {image_country} on the jpg.htm.

{image_name} (is not an additional fields) is working good on the jpg.html, but the additional field like {image_country}, {image_sort) he is not showing the GOOD one!!
For example:

I have picture of Spain. He shows the word USA onder this picture, en that means that the gallery can read the additional field tags on the media templates, but he does not choose the right one.

All what I want is that gallery shows the right additional field tags.

Send a PM please if you can solved this issue,

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Re: $20 for this EASY ISSUE
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2007, 06:28:13 PM »
No need for charge for this ... I post for free sometime ago in topic I post in PM message. ;)
8 steps need when ask question -

- PHP version (ACP - > phpinfo())
- mySQL version (ACP - > phpinfo())
- 4images version
- Post screenshot / URL
- Post code in BB Code (no need full file for code) or post attach file
- It doesn't work. What is say - what is do for no work
- Install MOD ? If so - please say (troubleshooting)
- Read FAQ ? Install Bug fixes ?


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