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I seem to be having a continuing issue with checking in images. These are uploaded via FTP and then when attempting to check them in I get a blank page after hitting submit. I have noticed that these images are all larger that I am having the issue with. The smaller ones will check in. For example, I had a group of 12 images and the first 3 were large, when I tried checking them all in I got the blank page, however, when I unchecked the first 3 that were over 1Mb the rest checked in perfectly.

I've had this issue in several categories and only realized today that it must be the size that is wrong. I know the server script has a huge memory limit, so I'm wondering if it's 4images that is hanging things up.


How do I easily make a page displaying all images added on one day?

I'm wanting to make daily update logs in WordPress, or just links to what was updated, but I have, as yet, not found and easy way to do it. I've been coding pages by hand, which seems a waste of time when the gallery could do it so easily. I'm looking for a way to maybe have the gallery tell me all of the day's photos with an URL that could be used to get there, or to have it spit out code for me to put in a news topic about the update.

Here is an example of a page I have done by hand in a text editor:

I'd like to be able to edit all of my category properties in one fell swoop. Any possibility of this? Maybe even a screen where you can select all of the categories you wish affected ... I hope this makes sense. I have a lot of categories and am making changes due to voting mod change.

I can't change (load) a new theme in 4images. I was hoping this was a problem that had been fixed by an updated years ago, this is the first time I've tried since then. I place the folder in the folder with the other templates and do the chmod's necessary and then go into 4images and click on load. The theme seems to be active, but the default theme is the only one showing.

The only way I've solved this before is by actually changing my theme's folder name to default.

I'd like to have both, if not just the second thing.

I'd like for the top 20 images to have a requirement on how many votes it's received. For say, an image must have the highest rank and at least 15 votes before it will be the top ranked images in top.php. Is this possible?

The other thing is that if images raitings were based on number of votes and the rating of an image. Not important to me if the above is met. Especially since voters can only see the top twenty.



I have not a clue what is the causes, but all of the emails being sent by 4images that require some sort of additional information to be 'generated' are being sent blank. For example, the upload notifications emails I get do have the correct subject line, but nothing in the email. And the password request emails are also being sent blank. The same thing with the activation/validation email, it is completely blank, ie empty. There's absolutely nothing sent in the email. The subject line is there, but nothing else.

These problems began occuring after transfering to a new server, so it must have hapenned in the move, but I'm at a loss as to how to remedy the problem. Any and all help would be appreciated. I've been searching for an answer for 6 weeks now. In the meantime I've been individually approving memberships, as I get tons of people signing up without valid emails.

Thanks to any and all who help.


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