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V@no this one might need to go in the "duh" hall of fame.

in the main settings, in the 4images CP, one of the table widths was set to 120%. why, i'm not sure.

i changed the table width to just 100% and all seems well. Again, not sure why it only affected IE and not anything else.

But goggling this question and putting it out it seems it was a common thing that came up, and changing the 120% to 100% fixed it all fine.

changed styles and widths but still showing incorrectly in internet explorer but fine in firefox :x

thanks for the move to the correct spot!

Templates & Styles (Requests & Discussions) / internet explorer issues
« on: March 04, 2006, 04:15:27 AM »
I am sorry, I wasn't sure what exactly to title this or if it belonged in bugs or not. I will say i searched the forum under the word "internet explorer" and din't find the answer. Maybe because I don't know what the problem is is the reason I am not able to search anything more specific than that. Anyways....

When people got to my site using Firefox or Netscape they see things perfectly fine (firefox screenshot below) but when using internet exporer, the last column of galleries are cut off and there is no scrollbar to slide over to see. (ie screenshot below)

Can anyone let me know how to fix it, or even what the problem may be so I can do a better search? Thank you so much for the help :)

-firefox the last column is visable

-ie the last column is cut off

FAQ, Tips / Re: How is the default "style.css" stylesheet used?
« on: March 04, 2006, 04:06:32 AM »
this was extremly helpful, thank you!

i am in the phpmyadmin now, but have no clue how to repair the tables :(

i found one table and hit the repair button, but no changes

and adding.....

i cannot access my 4 images control panel either

i have no idea what happened, i have been using this no problem for 2 months and then while i was in the middle of adding new images i got this:

DB Error: Bad SQL Query: SELECT cat_id, COUNT(image_id) AS new_images FROM 4images_images WHERE image_active = 1 AND image_date >= 1140551505 GROUP BY cat_id
Got error 127 from storage engine

DB Error: Bad SQL Query: SELECT cat_id, COUNT(*) AS num_images FROM 4images_images WHERE image_active = 1 GROUP BY cat_id
Got error 127 from storage engine

DB Error: Bad SQL Query: SELECT COUNT(*) as total_images FROM 4images_images WHERE image_active = 1 AND cat_id NOT IN (0)
Got error 127 from storage engine

DB Error: Bad SQL Query: SELECT i.image_id, i.cat_id, i.user_id, i.image_name, i.image_description, i.image_keywords, i.image_date, i.image_active, i.image_media_file, i.image_thumb_file, i.image_download_url, i.image_allow_comments, i.image_comments, i.image_downloads, i.image_votes, i.image_rating, i.image_hits, c.cat_name, u.user_name FROM 4images_images i, 4images_categories c LEFT JOIN 4images_users u ON (u.user_id = i.user_id) WHERE i.image_active = 1 AND c.cat_id = i.cat_id AND i.cat_id NOT IN (0) ORDER BY i.image_date DESC LIMIT 4
Got error 127 from storage engine

i have no idea what happened, and i am a computer dummy. And it says in all my galleries there are 0 images!  Does anyone know what this is, and how/where to fix it?

V@no and TheOracle thank you both so much for your help. You made it very easy to alter for this computer dummy and it is now showing exactly how i wanted it with ya'lls help

IcEcReaM thank you for letting me know :)

most awesome, worked perfectly :)

if i could ask one more thing, how would i get the underline out from the link?

Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Please, need help adding links
« on: February 07, 2006, 08:00:30 PM »
i am trying to figure out how to do a link section like this site under the random image.

i found two threads here about making a page but i don't think that applies (?)


it is great, thank you!

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