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Yes, V@no, not exactly "report" ))) but to increase funtionality of this MOD, so we could send to admin all picture names which are in lightbox with a message, just like this MOD does for a certain picture. Then we could use this MOD as well to report a single picture, or several at once, if we had such a button in lightbox.

P.S. Here is another MOD "send lightbox to admin", but it is too complicated.  :? but this MOD, "report a picture" is the nice one.

Installation, Update & Configuration / Re: install 2 galleries
« on: December 21, 2009, 04:34:41 AM »
Now I see.

It is great feature of 4images, and amazing flexibility!  :wink:

Thank you, V@no!

Installation, Update & Configuration / Re: install 2 galleries
« on: December 20, 2009, 10:58:29 PM »
Not quite right, V@no.


We use users table from the first gallery, and we've prefix 4images1 for first gallery, and prefix 4images2 for the second, right?
  • in config.php of the first gallery we have $table_prefix = "4images1_";
  • in config.php of the second gallery we have $table_prefix = "4images2_";

So, if we call in constants.php in the second gallery for
Code: [Select]
define('SESSIONS_TABLE', '4images1_sessions');
define('SESSIONVARS_TABLE', '4images1_sessionvars');
define('USERS_TABLE', '4images1_users');

We will recieve mysql error, for script (second gallery) will search for
Code: [Select]
define('SESSIONS_TABLE', '4images2_4images1_sessions');
define('SESSIONVARS_TABLE', '4images2_4images1_sessionvars');
define('USERS_TABLE', '4images2_4images1_users');

Because in config of the second gallery we already put  $table_prefix = "4images2_";
and constats.php looks for 4images2_(its own prefix, defined in root config)+4images1_bla-bla.

So, if we do in that way, we must not use table prefix for second gallery. Then it will search correctly for tables and find them
Code: [Select]
define('SESSIONS_TABLE', '4images1_sessions');
define('SESSIONVARS_TABLE', '4images1_sessionvars');
define('USERS_TABLE', '4images1_users');

Because there is no prefix in its own config.php.

Practically it is it. I thought for 3 or more galleries, but there is no way to do it in the similar way :? Because each gallery, when calls for user table of the main gallery, adds its own prefix to path, and we get mysql error 116.. And only prefixless gallery finds right way for other user table.

Installation, Update & Configuration / Re: install 2 galleries
« on: December 20, 2009, 07:03:45 AM »
Good job! Works perfectly!

Only one correction - the posts above have a mistyping:

If we use for first gallery database table prefix "4images1", then we must have no prefix in database of second gallery.


A question:
Can we use as well 3 or more galleries with one user table? (just like above, but more than 2)?

Ставил уже готовую "modded" 4images, что приаттачена здесь, и ставил phpBB3.0.6 только что скачанную. На локальный сервер vertrigo.

Реакция такая: при регистрации с 4images перекидывает на форум, там регистрация проходит. Потом при нажатии на "вернуться на предыдущую страниу", то бишь на 4images, начинает открывать и подгружаться галерея, но белый лист и грузит, грузит.. (тем временем открываю форум, там залогинен, нет проблем.)

Пробую опять просто войти в 4images и индикатор что страница все ещё подгружается.. Потом обрываю процесс, захожу в phpmyadmin, смотрю в таблице юзеровв 4images несколько тысяч :!: записей нового юзера, которого я только что регистрировал. (то есть, есть гостевая запись, есть админская запись и несколько тысяч записей нового юзера)

Смахивает на то, что процесс импорта юзера из форума в базу 4images зацикливается.
При простом открытии страницы 4images зацикливается и продолжает непрерывный процесс записи/импорта этого юзера в таблицу 4images.

Вот так вот.. Как и сказал, я сам ничего не делал, просто скачал твой "modded", уже готовый и поставил с phpBB3. И такой результат.

Может приаттачишь тот что работает у тебя на демо?

C phpBB 3.0.6 не работает, да?  Я попробовал, не фурычит.

Can somebody change this MOD in way to report a lightbox as well as a picture? (or just lightbox only)

use {if loggedin}

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: [FIX] - member.php lostpassword email
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:48:13 PM »
Thanks, very usefull fix.

I've recieved many feedback about lost usernames  from members.
by the lostpassword they can recover lostpasswords, but if they forgot login, they can't recover.

After this fix, of course they will recieve they login too.

I think this fix should be applied to core 4images code. For the present lostpassword service is not full, if there login cannot be recovered.


Oops..  :(
I've tried, but alas.. It is not working.. (both of them does not working)
There is the same error, as if username is not entered, altrough I am logged in.

Need another solution.. These tags do not let send a comment.

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod]Flash Mp3 Player
« on: August 21, 2009, 02:20:51 PM »
Yes, it works, but randomly, (I did not find reason) while generating xml it inserts in artist name cyrillyc keywords (not from description, but exactly keywords, of the track). (as described in previouse message).

But maybe you are right, and there possibly are some other reasons.. I'll test it a while and return if see any changes. At first time, when I detected it, I manually deleted all cyrillic charachters from xml file and till now have no problem. Maybe generating xml file was interrupted by something else(if it possible).. I do not know.. As I've said, if problem returns, it will be more clear..

In the next days I intend to test it for using as a playlist player in lightbox.
Have you tested  it in that way?

Nevertheless, it is a good job and useful MOD.  :thumbup:

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [Mod]Flash Mp3 Player
« on: August 21, 2009, 12:07:54 AM »
Viele danke!

Very simple solution!

Has the same problem, as previous Flash Mp3 Player from KW (lightbox edition, via playlist): both stops reading the song in xml playlist if it has any cyrillic charachter in keywords  8O - not in file name or something, but key words. It seems as data to xml being imported from keywords too. It is useless feature, but not knowing how to prevent it, I do not fill in Keywords nothing in cyrillic.  :(

And if I see any cyrillyc in xml content, I remoove it manually, and then player works vell.

For example: some times, when generating xml content, there may randomly appear something in cyrillyc, has been taked from keywords.:
Code: [Select]
<song path="./data/media/11/cevsen015.mp3" bild="./data/thumbnails/11/cevsen015.jpg" artist="IN THIS PLACE SOMETIMES BEYING

So, this player should be used outside of lightbox (for them, who use cyrillic at least, by manullly tracking xml contents), but not in lightbox where xml file regenerated every time.  :|

But very good player for them, who do not use non-latin charachters.  :wink:

Sounds as usefull mod.

Can anyone attach here working files of this mod for proper install?

Or maybe someone can post this mod as independed thread in Mods&Plugins (Releases & Support) place.

I've read all pages of this thread, but still cannot apply for myself (( this mod.

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [MOD] Contact Form
« on: August 20, 2009, 03:00:29 PM »
Hi folk!

If someone has an errors with this mod, try install it to running webserver, not localserver!

When I tested this mod, I had errors too (I use for testing local vertrigo webserver) and had had almost every errors mentioned in here.
But after I installed mod to on-line 4images project, it works perfectly, without any error.

So, I am sure many of us has these errors only because of using local webserver (it has to be fully featured maybe).

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about uselessness of showing the user name while adding comments, if user is already logged in.

In comment_form.html

If users are not logged in, let's them insert wanted name as an author of a comment.
But if users are already logged in, there is no need for even show them the username input area, am I right?
There enough to show them only Subject area and textinput area.

So, I myself tried make not visible that area for logged in users using {ifnot lang_loggedin_msg} like this in comment_form.html:

Code: [Select]
{ifnot lang_loggedin_msg}

                  <td width="90"><b>{lang_name}</b></td>

                  <td><input type="text" name="user_name" size="30" value="{user_name}" class="commentinput" /></td>

{endifnot lang_loggedin_msg}

But then I recieve an error, as if I did not insert username and as a result, posting of a comment fails.  :?

As I did not know how to make it work with {ifnot lang_loggedin_msg} tags I remove them.
It was unsuccessfull trying )))

But you will agree with me - it is a good idea, and it would be very nice, if this little thing would be solved in next version of 4images.

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