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Hi everyone!

I was thinking about uselessness of showing the user name while adding comments, if user is already logged in.

In comment_form.html

If users are not logged in, let's them insert wanted name as an author of a comment.
But if users are already logged in, there is no need for even show them the username input area, am I right?
There enough to show them only Subject area and textinput area.

So, I myself tried make not visible that area for logged in users using {ifnot lang_loggedin_msg} like this in comment_form.html:

Code: [Select]
{ifnot lang_loggedin_msg}

                  <td width="90"><b>{lang_name}</b></td>

                  <td><input type="text" name="user_name" size="30" value="{user_name}" class="commentinput" /></td>

{endifnot lang_loggedin_msg}

But then I recieve an error, as if I did not insert username and as a result, posting of a comment fails.  :?

As I did not know how to make it work with {ifnot lang_loggedin_msg} tags I remove them.
It was unsuccessfull trying )))

But you will agree with me - it is a good idea, and it would be very nice, if this little thing would be solved in next version of 4images.

As we know, we can change sorting type in settings - to make 4images show pictures and cats sorted by date, name, rate etc. If we change sorting type, it takes effect on whole gallery.

How can we change sorting type for a certain category only?

Just like [MOD] Category order / Kategorien ordnen 1.7.4 - 1.7.6, not for all but for each category independently?
For example
Category 1 - order by date
Category 2 - order by name

how can we do this?

Hi men!

I have 2 questions:

1 - Can anyone give an advice how to show on 4images thumbnail files with .mp3 extension instead of .jpg?

Actually I want to play mp3 files without going to details.html.
While viewing contetns of a category we would listen to music only by clicking on thumbnail (without changing directory after clicking)

2 - How can we see a detailed image and listen to music linked exactly to this image? And after, by going to the next image we could listen another music, linked to the second image.. and so..?

I think we could make it in this way:
If we could use as thumbnails files with mp3 extension, then we would change template to view thumbnail and an image on the same page and get the ability to see an image and listen to its music(uploaded manually as thumbnail) at the same time. But 4images doesnt support other extensions fot thumbnails except .jpg format.

What do you think, how can we do it?



Discussion & Troubleshooting / 4images RSS feed error in Firefox
« on: June 21, 2009, 01:15:02 PM »
Before I've posted in "bugfixes" tree:
I had problems in viewing RSS via Firefox.
Problem occurs in all versions of 4images.
In Firefox RSS from my 4images wasn't formatted and viewed as pure xml data.
I solve it in this way:
In rss.php (line 358)
Code: [Select]
header('Content-Type: text/xml');
Replace with:
Code: [Select]
header('Content-Type: application/rss+xml');

Now, after upgrade from 1.7.6. up to v. 1.7.7. I have error too. In Internet Explorer rss feed works, but in Firefox i get error - you can see it if you open this link in Firefox.

If I try to change text/xml to application/xhtml+xml nothing changes.
If I put application/rss+xml, Firefox starts to download rss.php

P.S. I could not open topic in "Bugs" thread, so posted here.

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