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I have the mod that is the category list... which shows the complete categories on a separate page... I have a lot of categories on my main page. I like to use the thumbnails, so I am going to have to use category paging mod to show all categories. But if I do that the visitors can not see all categories.

Is it possible to have the categories on the home.html  liisted with category thumbnails, and have a seperate listing of categories without thumbnails?

Requests for paid modifications / Jobbörse / How Much does it cost?
« on: June 29, 2009, 04:03:04 PM »
to fix the problem I posted on here which is unanswered? Please tell me.!


If you can solve this issue and keep it functioning along with the forum mod and not disable other mods in the process I will send you 10$ US per paypal. This is a lot of money in China ... please let me know.


Id their something wrong with my request that I get no response?

Is it an impossible modification or way to compliucated that know one knows how to do it because it is technicallyl impossible? Please let me know.

I want to use this mod to hide everytthing but the key information. I am guessing the reason why google has not indexed any of  my pages is because there is so much data that it is only indexing a little... so if this is workign I can cut out all the unneccissary data from the robots.

Still no answer. Is it a money problem? How much do I need to pay?

I still have received no reply... and do not know why?!?!?!?!

HOW MUCH MONEY WILL IT COST????!?!?!?! I need this please...! Without it My site will never get correctly indexed by google..

I know how to add no follow to the basic links in the user_loginform.html ......

but the question, in form elements, like what is found in the template
Code: [Select]
<form action="{url_login}" method="post">
        {lang_user_name}<br >
        <input type="text" size="10" name="{login_user_name_form_field}" class="logininput" >
        <br >
        {lang_password}<br >
        <input type="password" size="10" name="{login_user_password_form_field}" class="logininput" >
        <br >
        <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
          <tr valign="top">
            <td><input type="checkbox" name="{login_auto_form_field}" value="1" ></td>
            <td><span class="smalltext">{lang_auto_login}</span></td>

<input type="submit" value="{lang_login}" class="button" >

where do we put the nofollow ?

I know its very simpole in the links to place them here:
Code: [Select]
><a rel="nofollow" href="{url_register}" class="slt">{lang_register}</a>
Thanks for your help!

Im just thinking about this. New images ... you have some links for the new images on the home page, and in my case on the category page too....

The links change regularly.... If google comes and indexes them... and then later on comes back and the links are different you might get not found errors which affect your search order standing... isnt that right?

So ... the question is.....

Do we add nofollow to new images links or is it ok to let google index them?

PS.... PLease dont move this to the chat section......  then no one could read it... SEO is  pretty important cant we add an SEO section to our forums here? I mean SEO stuf fis pretty relevant .. its not off topic or chit chat....

Yes... you are so right... that was my first strategy....

But please see my post at this link in that thread...  :cry:

Since I cant get treat bots as users to work correctly :cry:,

I have no choice but to add no follow links....

so I am wondering if it is a good practice... :?:

For seo do this find

Code: [Select]
  $output .= '<a href="'.
replace  with

Code: [Select]
  $output .= '<a rel="nofollow" href="'.

I am going through my site until I can get some help on the treat robots as user mod, and adding  rel=\"nofollow\" to every link, like postcard lightbox button and everyother link I can think of that I dont want bots to follow.... can someone tell me if there is anything good or bad to this strategy?

Chit Chat / Desperately seeking help
« on: June 14, 2009, 02:22:02 PM »
Hello... I have been a long time member and user  of 4images.... I know I am not going to get rich.... but I have gaven so much time to get to the point of having google one day index my site in hopes of making the smallest amount of money from it. I know that google does not pay alot of people money.... but you know 100 us dollars a month would be enough for me to pay my rent.

I have 2 kids and am trying to do the best I can do in life to be their father... and trust me I am so desperate for any chances to make life better.  I have spent the last 5 months day and night trying to get to the point of submitting my site to google...

Now to find out I have a redirect loop problem.

I know everyone here is here for a hobby or something and has their own freedom in reality....

If their is anyone that could help me fix this:

i would greatly appreciate it... I think it is the last thing I need to get google to index my site.

Thank you so much for your time to read this....

Im using the same mod, an I have to do no special changes. I can tell you I had to block robots from visiting the different languages in order to avoid duplicate content errors. First I tried robots text, now I am trying treat robots as users mod....

Ok, I am doing the following SEO

1) adding no follow links to my keywords
2) Best SEO mod
3)Dynamic Meta tags
4)dissallowing Session ID
5)treating bots as users with less...
6)hiding links from engines.....

I know search engines dont care about metta much, and no follow keeps spiders from following  links....

1------- how can the search engines find the image pages , and index them so they can be found by searching in google??? Sitemap and metta means nothing.......!?!?

2------- we dont have directories of files that robots can spider since they are all dynamically created...... so how is this going to work? If the keyword links are nofollow and sitemap ignored, how do the spiders dynamically generate the page to be crawled?

Thank you if you can explain this to me....

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: Nofollow at keywords-links
« on: June 12, 2009, 07:39:14 PM »
I am starting to understand...


If you put no follow into the link, that will keep google from adding the keyword links to the search index, however will google index the keywords for the picture being viewed?

for example if you have a picture of a black cat, and the keywords are "Black" and "Cat", you want your search to come when people search for black cat...

But does no follow keep google from associating Black and cat keywords with your image?

I use the image keywords in the meta tags without link, but I also no that google doesnt care about keywords..... Can some one answer these questions?

And why not add the conditional taggs and treat bots as a user mod? WOuldnt that be better? THen you dont even have to show them the  link,>>??

Is it a good idea to block google bots from their own adsense code ?????????

Im trying to use this with 1.76 to try to hide stuff from search engines, together with the non session -id and treat robot as user ...... But
1) First of all I dont have any include/templates.html I have includes/template.html
2) My template.html is different than what is listed in the first section
3) I would appreciate it if you can tell me which code to change, thanks!
Code: [Select]
 *                                                                        *
 *    4images - A Web Based Image Gallery Management System               *
 *    ----------------------------------------------------------------    *
 *                                                                        *
 *             File: template.php                                         *
 *        Copyright: (C) 2002 Jan Sorgalla                                *
 *            Email:                                    *
 *              Web:                             *
 *    Scriptversion: 1.7.6                                                *
 *                                                                        *
 *    Never released without support from: Nicky (   *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *    Dieses Script ist KEINE Freeware. Bitte lesen Sie die Lizenz-       *
 *    bedingungen (Lizenz.txt) für weitere Informationen.                 *
 *    ---------------------------------------------------------------     *
 *    This script is NOT freeware! Please read the Copyright Notice       *
 *    (Licence.txt) for further information.                              *
 *                                                                        *
if (!defined('ROOT_PATH')) {
"Security violation");

Template {

$no_error 0;
$val_cache = array();
$missing_val_cache = array();
$template_cache = array();
$template_extension "html";
$start "{";
$end "}";

Template($template_path "") {
    if (!@
is_dir($template_path)) {
$this->error("Couldn't open Template-Pack ".$template_path1);
$this->template_path $template_path;

register_vars($var_name$value "") {
    if (!
is_array($var_name)) {
$this->val_cache[$var_name] = $value;
    else {
$this->val_cache array_merge($this->val_cache$var_name);

un_register_vars($var_list) {
$vars explode(","$var_list);
    foreach (
$vars as $val) {

cache_templates($template_list) {
$template_list explode(","$template_list);
    foreach (
$template_list as $val) {
$val trim($val);
      if (!isset(
$this->template_cache[$val])) {

get_template($template) {
    if (!isset(
$this->template_cache[$template])) {
$path $this->template_path."/".$template.".".$this->template_extension;
$line = @implode("", @file($path));
      if (empty(
$line)) {
$this->error("Couldn't open Template ".$path1);

      if (
defined('EXEC_PHP_CODE') && EXEC_PHP_CODE == 0) {
$line preg_replace("/<[\?|%]+(php|=)?(.*)[\?|%]+>/siU"""$line);
$line preg_replace("/<script\s+language\s?=\s?[\"|']?php[\"|']?>
(.*)<\/script>/siU", "", $line);

      $line = $this->compile_template($line);

      $this->template_cache[$template] = $line;
    return $this->template_cache[$template];

  function parse_template($template) {
    $template = $this->get_template($template);

    // Don't show error notices
    $old = error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

    //echo $template;
    eval("?>".$template."<?php return 1;");

$str = ob_get_contents();

    // Reset error_reporting


  function compile_template(
    // Replace <?xml by printing them via php to avoid error messages when short_open_tags is on
$template = preg_replace('/<\?xml/i', "<?php echo '<?xml'?>
", $template);

    // Compile variables in PHP code

    for ($i = 0; isset($regs[$i]); $i++) {
      // Fix single quotes
      $parsed = preg_replace_callback(
        array(&$this, '_fix_php_quotes'),

      $parsed = preg_replace_callback(
        array(&$this, '_compile_php_var'),

      $template = str_replace($regs[$i][0], $parsed, $template);

    // Compile variables
    $template = preg_replace_callback(
        array(&$this, '_compile_var'),

    // Compile condition tags
    $template = preg_replace_callback(
        array(&$this, '_compile_condition_start'),

    $template = preg_replace_callback(
        array(&$this, '_compile_condition_end'),

    return $template;

  function _compile_php_var(&$matches) {
    return '{$' . trim($matches[1]) . '}';

  function _fix_php_quotes(&$matches) {
    return '= "' . str_replace('"', '\\"', $matches[1])
           . $this->start.$matches[2].$this->end
           . str_replace('"', '\\"', $matches[3]) . '";';

  function _compile_var(&$matches) {
    $name = trim($matches[1]);

    if (!isset($this->val_cache[$name])) {
        return $matches[0];

    // Header and Footer are parsed in print_template()
    if ($name == 'header' || $name == 'footer') {
        return $matches[0];

    return '<?php echo $' . $name . '?>';

  function _compile_condition_start(&$matches) {
    $name = trim($matches[2]);

    if (!isset($this->val_cache[$name])) {
        return $matches[0];

    if ($matches[1] == 'not' || $matches[1] == 'no') {
        return '<?php if (empty($' . $name . ') || $' . $name . ' === REPLACE_EMPTY){ ?>';

    return '<?php if (!empty($' . $name . ') && $' . $name . ' !== REPLACE_EMPTY){ ?>';

  function _compile_condition_end(&$matches) {
    $name = trim($matches[2]);

    if (!isset($this->val_cache[$name])) {
        return $matches[0];

        return '<?php ?>';

  function parse_array($array) {
    static $keys;

    foreach ($array as $key => $val) {
      if (is_array($val)) {
        $array[$key] = $this->parse_array($val);
      else {
        if (!isset($keys) || count($keys) != count($this->val_cache)) {
          $keys = array_keys($this->val_cache);
          array_walk($keys, array(&$this, '_prepare_key'));

        $array[$key] = str_replace($keys, $this->val_cache, $val);
    return $array;

  function _prepare_key(&$item) {
    $item = $this->start.$item.$this->end;

  function print_template($template) {
    if (strpos($template, $this->start.'header'.$this->end) !== false) {
      $header = $this->parse_template("header");
      $template = str_replace($this->start.'header'.$this->end, $header, $template);

    if (strpos($template, $this->start.'footer'.$this->end) !== false) {
      $footer = $this->parse_template("footer");
      $template = str_replace($this->start.'footer'.$this->end, $footer, $template);

    print $this->clean_template($template);

  function clean_template($template) {
    $search_array = array(
    $replace_array = array(
    $template = preg_replace($search_array, $replace_array, $template);

    return $template;

  function error($errmsg, $halt = 0) {
    if (!$this->no_error) {
      global $user_info;
      //if (isset($user_info['user_level']) && $user_info['user_level'] == ADMIN){
        echo "<br ><font color='#FF0000'><b>Template Error</b></font>: ".$errmsg."<br >";
      /*} else {
        echo "<br ><font color='#FF0000'><b>An unexpected error occured. Please try again later.</b></font><br >";
      if ($halt) {
} // end of class

makesure you are pointing google to google.php file, not sitemap.xml......

Still waiting for a solution to the question of why does google forum call my sitemap garbage?
Code: [Select]
This is the third site this morning where I've seen EXACTLY the same thing and the second even using the same date:


I'm starting to wonder whether Google is now actually penalising these garbage sitemaps.

I thus far can not get google to index one single page from my 4images site :( : (

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