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[MOD] ACP / validateimages : Checkboxes
« on: December 24, 2013, 01:22:36 PM »

this MOD adds checkboxes to the validation area. The ticked boxes will be entered into the textarea.

!! This MOD requires Email image validation results to the user v2 !!

Let's start:

Files to edit:

1.1) Open admin/validateimages.php and find

<td class=\"tableseparator\">".$lang['validate_msg']."</td>\n

Add below:

<td class=\"tableseparator\">".$lang['validate_reasons']."</td>\n

1.2) Find:

      echo "<td>".(($image_row['user_id'] != GUEST) ? "<textarea name=\"msg_list[".$image_row['image_id']."]\" id=\"msg\" rows=\"3\" cols=\"57\">".((isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['msg_list'][$image_row['image_id']])) ? stripslashes($HTTP_POST_VARS['msg_list'][$image_row['image_id']]) : "")."</textarea>" "")."</td>";

Add below:

             // Erwartet die ID der Textarea als ersten und den einzufügenden Text als zweiten Parameter
                function insertHTML(elementID, content) {
                    // Fügt über innerHTML den als zweiten Parameter übergebenen Text in die Textarea ein
                        document.getElementById(elementID).innerHTML += content;

To insert the checkboxes, add below:

<td style=\"background-color:#F5F5F5; color:#0F5475;\">
<input type=\"checkbox\" onclick=\"insertHTML('msg["
.$image_row['image_id']."]','Reason1')\" value=\"Reason1\" > Reason1<br>
<input type=\"checkbox\" onclick=\"insertHTML('msg["
.$image_row['image_id']."]','Reason2')\" value=\"Reason2\" > Reason2

2.1) Open lang/yourlang/admin.php and search for ?>

Add above closing ?>:

$lang['validate_reasons'] = "Reasons";

3.1) Have fun :!: ;)

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