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Link/bordercolor around thumbnails?

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I have changed my link and visited link colors and it worked but I still have a blue link color and a purple visited color around my thumbnail images, how do I change this? I have tried the css and header file but with no luck.

Thanks in advance...

Check inside thumbnail_bit.html

i'm having difficulty changing the border color around the thumbnails. this is what i have in my thumbnail_bit.html:

--- Code: ---<!-- you wish detail page in a small javascript open window, use {thumbnail_openwindow} -->
{thumbnail}<br />
<b>{image_name}</b> {if image_is_new}<sup class="new">{lang_new}</sup>{endif image_is_new}
<br />
<a href="{cat_url}">{cat_name}</a><br />
{if allow_comments}{lang_comments} {image_comments}{endif allow_comments}<br />
--- End code ---

i do not see where to change the border. help finding where i need to do this would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

find in /includes/functions.php all thumbnail-codes (similar like) :

--- Quote ---$thumb = "< ... here your thumb-code ... >";
--- End quote ---

and replace every (and similar) by :

--- Quote ---$thumb = "<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"2\" border=\"0\"><tr><td bgcolor=\"#FF0000\">< ... here your thumb-code ... ></td></tr></table>";

--- End quote ---

configuration :
- cellpadding=\"2\"  -  your bordersize
- bgcolor=\"#FF0000\" - your bordercolor
- in APC set image border - 0


PS.: We all use other thumb-code-versions, therefore the new general representation of the thumbnail-code !

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am i only to replace the EXACT code (the first mentioned), or do i replace ALL that look remotely similar?

i tried it, and it just gave me errors on line 328 and such. ??? meh. it's not a big deal, but my thumbnails would look nicer with a border.

thanks for the help. :)


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