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I am using version 1.7.11 and I have installed the mod  Uploader Toplist/ Our  photographers (http://www.4homepages.de/forum/index.php?topic=31789.0).  When I click on the number of pictures of a user it returns me a list of pictures that this user has in his various sub-categories but sorted by the date they were created. I would like to sort these sub-categories by their name. Is it possible to do this?


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Please also use the search!

In ACP / General / Category Settings, you can sort the subcategories by name or date, ascending or descending.
In ACP / Manage categories / Edit category, you can use the up / down arrows to sort the main categories.
You can also change the order in ACP / Manage Categories / Edit Category / Category Sequence (for each category).



Thank you for the reply. In ACP in settings I only see Categories no subcategories to sort. And the categories are already sorted by name ASC.

In toplist.php in the script there is a sort indication by cat_id and matches the way the list is sorted. Does this have anything to do with this? Can this be changed to sort by sub category name?

$sql2 = "SELECT cat_id, cat_name, cat_parent_id FROM ".$table_prefix."categories WHERE cat_id='".$row['cat_id']."' ORDER BY cat_id ASC";      
   $result2 = $site_db->query($sql2);
   while ($row2 = $site_db->fetch_array($result2)){
      if ($row2['cat_parent_id'] >= 1)
      $sql3 = "SELECT cat_name FROM ".$table_prefix."categories WHERE cat_id='".$row2['cat_parent_id']."' ORDER BY cat_id ASC";



Admin, at the top left "Edit categories" then click the + sign next to a category
Then either right-arrows up and down, or the sub-category and "category-order" then the subcategory according to the desire.

A subcategory is nothing more than a category in a category



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