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maybe there will be many idea's from members here

Feature from members ...

i mean they will say's there idea's  :)

- Vote expire in chit / chat. Have answer for recoding PM MOD.  -

Can you post a new topic to show us PM V3 Features, maybe there will be many idea's from members here :wink:

theres no answer from owner of avatar mod  by ()     :oops:

here my post:

i hope you can help me in this topic  :oops: please  :oops:

No detail - no can help.

Ok can figure how it work with users avatars in comment !!!! please  :oops:

[Mod] Avatar v2.01

Did anyone try it to chow juts avatar of new member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No change $new_member line ? ;)

i try it with changes and with out didn't help :(

Remember vote agree. ;)

Would pay for new PM (V3) ?  (Voting closes: August 19, 2007, 04:12:55 PM)

its take the avatar from {user_avatar_current} which has showing in user_logininfo.html to.

Ah ! so answer. ;)

Ok, I look today.

thanks  :oops: am waiting  :thumbup: by the way we r wating for PM V3 to (^_^)

What not work ??? Is say ??? Result ???

i mean it still show the defualt avatar as showing in photo below even if new member change his avatar:

its take the avatar from {user_avatar_current} which has showing in user_logininfo.html to.

i change all $user_row to $row in avatar line still not work:

Code: [Select]
$user_avatar = (!$row['user_avatar'] || $row['user_avatar'] == "blank.gif") ? "" : "<img src=\"".TEMPLATE_PATH."/avatars/".$row['user_avatar']."\">";
if you mean in all mod , i tryed it to , but still not work!!!!!!!

i sorry maybe i did't uderstand u but i change all $row to $user_row


Code: [Select]
//--- New Member --------------------------------------
$sql = "SELECT *
        FROM ".USERS_TABLE."
        WHERE ".get_user_table_field("", "user_id")." <> ".GUEST."
        ORDER by ".get_user_table_field("", "user_joindate")." DESC";
$row = $site_db->query_firstrow($sql);
$user_avatar = (!$user_row['user_avatar'] || $user_row['user_avatar'] == "blank.gif") ? "" : "<img src=\"".TEMPLATE_PATH."/avatars/".$user_row['user_avatar']."\">";
$new_member = "".(($user_row[$user_table_fields['user_id']]) ? " <a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."member.php?action=showprofile&user_id=".$user_row[$user_table_fields['user_id']])."\"><B>".$user_row[$user_table_fields['user_name']]."</B></a>\n" : "<B>".$user_row[$user_table_fields['user_name']]."</B>");
$site_template->register_vars("new_member", $new_member);

still not work  :oops:

more explanation by photo's :

here a new member avater:

here my problem it show the same avatar of logined user:

i use this in home.html :
<br>{user_avatar_current}<br>( {new_member} )

but its not show the avatar of new member it show default avater when user not login or the same avatar of logined users!

how can i show just avatar of new registered member in the code above!!!!!!

i am using 1.71

the problem is that i dont know what to do at step 6.2.

what does step 6.2 mean: "If u installed "Smiles" mod, comment it out too (do same thing as above, use /* at beginning of comment block and */ at the end."

see this i think it will help you :

Smileys/Smilies/Smiles after PMv2 installation in guestbook & image discription

hey guys...

please help. when i start /pm_install.php it says that i did not finish all necessary steps. i did everything except 6.2. what do i have to do at 6.2? what means "comment it out too"?

try this but if you find a clean code for 1.7.4 please give us (^_^)

Dont forget BackUP ;-)

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