Author Topic: Database backup created, download not possible  (Read 2448 times)

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Database backup created, download not possible
« on: January 15, 2008, 08:40:04 PM »
I wanted to backup my database and download the backup.
Vs. is 1.7.4
The last time I did this was in December 2007, no problems.
Now, I could create the backup but when going on "download" there is the following error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_basefile() in /home/mydir/public_html/gallery/admin/backup.php on line 54

It is also not possible to delete earlier backups (same error message).

I have not installed any mods or did any changes.
I have had a problem with a hacker and uploaded the index.php again overwriting the hacked one. Could this be the reason for the problem?
Is there a way to fix the backup.php or how can I donwload the backup otherwise (no idea where it is stored)?