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Ich soll für jemanden eine Gallery aufstellen, für Reisefotos, hauptsächlich China und Asien.
Es gibt so wahnsinnig viele Templates, kann mir jemand eins zum Thema passend empfehlen?
Also entweder eins passend zu Fotos/Reisen oder zu China/Asien .. Sollte eher elegant/schlicht sein.

Ich möchte gern, daß, wenn man auf das txt icon /thumbnail klickt, das file in der entspr. Application (z.B. Notepad, meinetwegen aber auch einfach im Browser) geöffnet wird.
Im Moment erscheint die details.php mit dem thumbnail aber nichts zum Öffnen.
txt ist natürlich in den allowed file types, das template habe ich und in der upload_definition.php steht:

Code: [Select]
$mime_type_match['txt'] = array("application/notepad");
ursprünglich stand dort:
Code: [Select]
$mime_type_match['txt'] = array("text/plain", "text/richtext", "text/rtf", "text/html");damit klappte es aber auch nicht.

Vs. ist 1.7.2.
Download ist möglich, aber ich hätte gern, daß ein User draufklicken kann, um es zu öffnen bzw. zumindest den öffnen/speichern Dialog zu bekommen. Wenn sowas geht.

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Gallery style html pages
« on: October 08, 2006, 12:11:57 PM »
I would like to ask if someone can give me some directions and/or tips how to achieve the following:
I have categories with magazine scans. Sometimes I also have the text, this is currently displayed on a htm page together with the images/thumbnails. If I want to give users a link to the text from the category in question and I want the text html be the same style as the gallery - how do I have to do it?
I know - and have done - that you can make custom html (did this for the help page) but I don't quite get where and how to place a link to the text page and where to put the html so it can use the default template.
Maybe this is not possible at all or I am thinking the wrong way.

To give an example:
I have the scan of the interview XYZ-2003 and I have the txt of this article.
I can put the scans in a category
magazine scans
- 2003
-- XYZ
When a user now opens the category magazine scans>2003>XYZ he should not only be able to see the scan images but also find a link to the html page with the text.

I probably make it more complicated than it is so I need directions. :)

Sorry if this is double posting but maybe some people here know an answer.
Is there a way to search/edit comments in certain categories? Mod or code change ..
E.g. all comments before /after date X in category y only? Or at least just search in certain category, as it is possible in "edit images" ..?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Edit comments in category, 1.7.2
« on: August 17, 2006, 08:20:59 PM »
Is there a mod or how can I add a field to search for comments in a certain category only (e.g. all comments before /after date in category X)? Or at least just search in certain category, similar to "edit images" ..

Chit Chat / Do you have a big gallery? Need help with hosting decision
« on: August 10, 2006, 10:18:22 AM »
My gallery (1.7.2.) has grown pretty big, using storage and bandwidth - which I pay for on a shared server.
Now my host told me that my account is using "46 % server capacity" (not giving details when and what exactly, but it's not bandwidth usage) and that I have to move to a dedicated server. They also told me my site has got 9 million (!) hits last month and already 3 millions this month. I know my gallery is getting popular but these figures seem very hard to believe to me .. after all bandwidth would have gone straight through the roof with that figure, wouldn't it?
For me this is rather an attempt to get rid of a customer that actually uses the storage and bandwidth he pays for.
What is the experience of people here who have big galleries?

Anyway, since I can not force them to keep me and since I am getting tired of this issue (was already an issue with my old host too) I am considering dedicated servers.
So, if you have a big/popular gallery can you recommend a host? I have pretty much no knowledge of dedicated servers and don't know which "hidden" features or traps I should look for. The stuff that is not first place in the plans ..

Discussion & Troubleshooting / cpu usage problem due to 4images?
« on: June 26, 2006, 06:24:41 PM »
As someone has posted here I had the same experience that my host suddenly complained about high cpu and memory usage with my account.
I have a quite big gallery, no registered users (meaning there is no need nor option to register to watch/use the gallery). My host could not narrow it down to a certain script but it is either the gallery or the forum. I think it is the gallery.
account data:
Operating system   Linux   
Apache version   1.3.34 (Unix)   
PERL version   5.8.0   
PHP version   4.4.1   
MySQL version   4.0.25-standard

conversion tools for thumbnails: GD
vs. 1.7.1

I would like to know if others had the same problem with 4images. If so, any tips how to fix it?
I will upgrade to 1.7.2, maybe that helps a bit.

I pay quite much for space and bandwidth and now this .. Somehow I think my host just wants to get rid of me *paranoid*

I have two galleries that have recently been spammed by one or several users posting all kind of URLs in the comments.
I have installed the ban-mod and add every IP of the spammer(s) I can catch but it is friggin annoying. The only alternative is to disable comments at all which I currently don't want to do.
I have set certain words like http, www etc. in the bad-word-list but that keeps the spammer(s) not from posting their crap.
Is there anything else I can do? On one gallery I have the option that only registered users can post comments but these people get new accounts easily.
What are your experiences? Tips? Recommendations?
An option like validate comments would be useful but as far as I know there is no such mod or is there?

I had a look at the mods that force the user to type in a validation code when posting but that would only works perfect against bots.

I don't get why these persons think their spamming will be of any use at all. *sigh*

I know that if you create a subcategory it has the same settings as the parent category. However if you change these settings in the parent it does not affect the subcategory. Since I have quite many subs and subs of subs - is there a way to change settings fast? For example I want to change the setting for "post comment" from reg. user to administrator. Currently I see only two ways:
go to each and every category and do it manually
change the permissions for registered users which however is not possible via the admin panel.

Which brings me to the next questions - where are the permissions for registered users, guests, etc. defined? If I could change this there to a rule as e.g.  "registered user must not post comment" it would help too.

Gallery in question is 1.7.1

Often I get the error "xy is not a valid jpeg file", no thumbs could be created.
Some were partly uploaded files which after a re-upload didn't bring up that error.
Some images seemed to be perfectly well. I tried re-uploading and also open the image in Paintshop pro and save as jpg again, then re-upload. Sometimes this worked, sometimes not.
Where do these "not valid jpeg" errors come from?
Why does 4images have problems with files that no other prgoramme has?

Apart from that there often are these "thumb not found" images while auto-thumbnailer tells there are no missing thumbs.
This is driving me nuts ..

My 4images is 1.7.1
I use the auto-thumbnailer mod if this is of importance.

Is it possible to make iptc viewable only after clicking on a link?
So that by default there is just a link under the opened image and its usual info (e.g. "iptc info") and only when a user clicks it the complete iptc will be displayed (if there is any).
I assume it can be done with javascript but I don't know how to do that especially so it does not interfere iwth the php/templates/css etc.

I have currently simply removed the iptc bit from the details.html.
4images version is 1.7.1

I have tried to find a better looking way to group subcategories but am back to the default where they are listed in one line and the width is determined by the td width.
However it might look better if a small icon (circle, dot, whatever) is placed in front of each subcategory.
I assume this must be done in functions.php but I don't know what the correct code would be.
Can somebody pls. help? I do not want images (random or not) from the database, just a small static icon e.g.
o sub 1  o sub 2  o sub 3
o subwithverylongname 4  o sub 5

I currently do not need people to register and/login. I can easily login as admin by calling the respective php site.
I have removed the userbox from all html template pages.
However, some weird people still registered for whatever reason .. I don't know how they did it.

My permissions for categories are set as I need them but I have a unpleasant feeling about this.
I don't want people do something they are not at all supposed to.
 I want to prevent people from registering completely - how can I do that?
I have also been thinking of changing the global permissions for the default registered user group so even if I forget to change certain permissions in a category (usually upload) these people can't do anything or - as "punishment" registered users can do nothing. Weird situation, yes.

My question is - how can I change permissions for a default user group? Is that possible?
I couldn't find anything in the admin panel so I guess it must be done in one of the script pages.

I am using Chique_black and try to adopt it to my needs.

The outer border over and left and right of header_logo respective that row/table/bar (don't know what hte exact term is) should be #B30101 as the rest of the border around the table.
I can't find where that is set in the css, maybe it is set elsewhere?

This is a part of my css, I guess it must be somewhere in that but am not sure.
body {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #000000;
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-size: 11px;
  /* this attribute sets the basis for all the other scrollbar colors (Internet Explorer 5.5+

only) */
  SCROLLBAR-BASE-color:  #000000;

hr {
  height: 0px;
  color: #B30101;
  background-color: #B30101;

ul, li, p, td {
  color: #C0C0C0;
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-size: 11px;

.tablehead {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #B30101;

.tablebottom {
  background-color: #000000;

.bordercolor {
  background-color: #B30101;

.tablebgcolor {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #B30101;

.navbar {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;

.row1 {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;

.row2 {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;

.head1 {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-size: 11px;
  font-weight: normal;

.head1:hover {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-size: 11px;
  font-weight: bold;

.head2 {
  background-color: #000000;
  color: #C0C0C0;
  font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  font-size: 11px;
  font-weight: normal;

.title {
  font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
  font-size: 16px;
  font-weight: bold;
  color: #C0C0C0;

Link to gallery

Also, if I want to use a more sophisticated link styling does this have to go in the header.html or the css? If I understand it correctly only a.hover is defined in the css.

Habe eine neue Installation der Gallery (1.7.1), mit dem chique_black von Nova. Konnte leider nichts darüber finden, wie bzw. wo man in diesem Template einen Link einbindet (z.B. zur Homepage). Zur Zeit ist "home" die Startseite der Gallery.
Ich hätte gern davor, darunter oder ev. sogar erst unter der Userbox (?; der Bereich, wo man einloggt) einen Link zur Homepage.

Sorry, vergessen:
Link zur Gallery

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