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Then you do something wrong. I've checked it on a fresh v1.7.1 and it worked just as planned.

In fact your last reply
But I get still shown pictures from all categories.

Does not match with your first reply:
the problem is, that the picutures next to the categories (pictures instead of folders) are not shown anymore.

Your first reply indicates that the changes worked and also affected category specific random images and your last reply indicates that no visible changes acured and your random image is workign  as default...
So, which your reply is true?

Installation, Update & Configuration / Re: Uploading Photos
« on: September 25, 2005, 07:20:12 PM »
See, the problem is definition
I can't upload photos
descbies nothing. Please provide more description on what EXACTLY is happening.

oh...right...then leave the first instance of
Code: [Select]
            WHERE i.image_active = 1 AND i.cat_id NOT IN ($cat_id_sql) AND c.cat_id = i.cat_idintact, change only second instance of that line.

well , i've tried that because smf (ssi functions) but actually i'm using the Dreamboard addon .. so isn't necessary anymore ;)

But thanks :)
it doesnt metter what extension template is using, the browser will NOT know about it existens anyway...

let me explain the theory a little bit:
You dont need to change anything in you php code, all you need to do is make a JS code that would swap the stylesheet and update the cookie. ;)
The POST feature that php code handle should stay as it is, for best browser compability, in case javascript code failed :)

The current stylesheet also should be registered as a template tag, so JS code would know which style is currently selected.
Obviously it might sounds easy in theory, I dont know JS at all, so dont know how all this works :D

you can try find in includes/functions.php:
Code: [Select]
$cat_id_sql = get_auth_cat_sql("auth_viewcat", "NOTIN");add after:
Code: [Select]
  $cat_in = array(1,2,3); //list of category ids
Then find two times:
Code: [Select]
            WHERE i.image_active = 1 AND i.cat_id NOT IN ($cat_id_sql) AND c.cat_id = i.cat_idreplace both of them with:
Code: [Select]
            WHERE i.image_active = 1 AND i.cat_id NOT IN ($cat_id_sql) AND c.cat_id = i.cat_id AND i.cat_id IN (".implode(", ", $cat_in).")

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: form with username
« on: September 22, 2005, 01:15:07 AM »
form of you 4images or your chat? how did u "integrate" the chat into 4images?

by the way, in IE (and maybe in FF) you can swap stylesheets without refreshing the page, I think this would also be great addition to what you've done already ;)

Chit Chat / Re: TheOracle's karma
« on: September 22, 2005, 12:35:27 AM »
and that just shows how much he cares about others...instead of work out on himself, he just bail out....oh well.

Chit Chat / Re: TheOracle's karma
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:21:52 PM »
That is no longer an issue as this has been settled.
I'm curious to know - how is so?

Chit Chat / TheOracle's karma
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:05:20 PM »
Since for some "misterious" reason I can not reply to your "pathetic" topic you've started, TheOracle, I'd like have an apportunety to explain your karma level here:
Quote from: TheOracle
Update :

It is my understanding that someone (or some users) are decreasing my Karma level. To all MOD requesters, you must keep in mind that if it gets intentionnally too low, I will not be able to post you additional MODs. If you like my MODs, you'd need to increase my karma level positively.

More MODs are on the way and I intend to present them to you. Wink


Your karma level is not based on how many mods you've made, in fact the quantity of your mods is not metter, especialy when most of the replys on your mods were made by yourself, which tells by itself of their "popularity".
From my side you are receiving the deserved karma bust or negative point depend on your reply to someone's question. Beliver or not you've received a positive point from me, but more often then not, you are wrong in your replys, so you get what you deserved. Since we only allow vote for people's karma ones a hour, I cant vote for your karma as many replys you post a day.

Your are so staburn that you just dont get it, a write a mod has absolutely nothing do to with a skill of supporting people, the quality of understanding their problem and make a correct desicion to proceed to solve it.

Now, please tell me, you work so hard, have so many replys count under your account, why are you still a regular member not atleast a moderator here? Well, I'd say I am not the only one see your problem here!

Good day.

Chit Chat / Re: PHP Question
« on: September 21, 2005, 10:11:54 AM »
Code: [Select]
$sql = "SELECT SUM(user_comments) AS commentsor
Code: [Select]
$sql = "SELECT COUNT(user_comments) AS comments

4images already handles remote image, either, from the upload page or from the ACP - > images pages. ;) again the question would you? :roll:

I think this was requested before, and I havent seen anyone coded such mod yet.

But, if you have a little mysql knowlege here is an idea what you can do:

1) add a new field into 4images_images table in the database, lets call it as image_url (obviosly the name is your choice ;)). Make it VARCHAR(255)
2) add the infromation about that field into includes/db_field_definitions.php:
Code: [Select]
$additional_image_fields['image_url'] = array("URL to an external site", "text", 0);3) in includes/functions.php find:
Code: [Select]
    if ($open_window) {
insert above:
Code: [Select]
    global $image_row;
    if (!empty($image_row['image_url']))
      $thumb = "<a href=\"".$image_row['image_url']."\" target=\"externalsite\">".$thumb."</a>";
4) if you upload images from ACP then this is it, but if you want upload images from members upload page, you'll need add {lang_image_url} and <input type="text" value="{image_url}" name="image_url"> tags into member_uploadform.html template.

a few notes:
- image upload is required
- the url must contein http://, https://, ftp:// or etc protocol part, otherwise it will appent the url into the url of your page.

Chit Chat / Re: PHP Question
« on: September 21, 2005, 01:01:59 AM »
Code: [Select]
         FROM ".USERS_TABLE;"
   WHERE  URL_USER_ID = $user_id";
Code: [Select]
         FROM ".USERS_TABLE."
         WHERE  ".get_user_table_field("", "user_id")." = $user_id";

Will this work ? ;)
why dont you try and see for yourself - it would not work as Egly wanted:
I want to print out the total comments of the user that is logged

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