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Chit Chat / TheOracle's karma
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:05:20 PM »
Since for some "misterious" reason I can not reply to your "pathetic" topic you've started, TheOracle, I'd like have an apportunety to explain your karma level here:
Quote from: TheOracle
Update :

It is my understanding that someone (or some users) are decreasing my Karma level. To all MOD requesters, you must keep in mind that if it gets intentionnally too low, I will not be able to post you additional MODs. If you like my MODs, you'd need to increase my karma level positively.

More MODs are on the way and I intend to present them to you. Wink


Your karma level is not based on how many mods you've made, in fact the quantity of your mods is not metter, especialy when most of the replys on your mods were made by yourself, which tells by itself of their "popularity".
From my side you are receiving the deserved karma bust or negative point depend on your reply to someone's question. Beliver or not you've received a positive point from me, but more often then not, you are wrong in your replys, so you get what you deserved. Since we only allow vote for people's karma ones a hour, I cant vote for your karma as many replys you post a day.

Your are so staburn that you just dont get it, a write a mod has absolutely nothing do to with a skill of supporting people, the quality of understanding their problem and make a correct desicion to proceed to solve it.

Now, please tell me, you work so hard, have so many replys count under your account, why are you still a regular member not atleast a moderator here? Well, I'd say I am not the only one see your problem here!

Good day.

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