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OMG Thats a long time.....


It has been almost 20 years since I started with 4images...... 8O

I recently found some old backups and installed the "new" 1.8 and wanted to try things out...

4images works, kind of, on php 7.4, but generates a lot of errors.... (in the log if you have display errors off, other wise  :oops:)

I tried to look in the code, maybe I could debug it? But things got too difficult...

So, now I am building a new frontend, totally replacing the 4images frontend code, HTML5 and responsive (no tables anymore), just using the 4images database.. (and replacing the admin too, to make things easy)

It will not have the full functionality, the interactive part is not something I used on my sites anyway, but it will be a great gallery for images only for the time being. Other media types may follow later...

Yes I know, already in the old days people moved to flickr, and they are all on facebook and other "social" media now, but there are still many 4images sites active.....

Lets make the individuality return and 4images galleries great again, watch this space, soon!

Did you complete your task? Was it a success?


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