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I have two 4images-installations of 4images that uses the same database. So the first one has a normal template and for the second one i made a minimalistic template for mobile browsers. On my landing index.php i made a selection to see what browser the user has. If its a mobile-browser he will be redirected to the Mobile page, if not, then to the normal page... It´s not the best way but it runs. On the bottom of each page you can switch from normal to mobile and back...

But i am interested in a real responsive template too...


--- Quote from: chamkani.net on April 02, 2015, 04:59:03 PM ---Yes! i can make it responsive. Let me have a try.. Wish me best of luck  :mrgreen:

--- End quote ---

I would love this! I have a huge database and would love to move it to responsive theme! Something great for browsing on the phone.

Any update?

Finally i did it. Prodigy is first 4images Responsive template supporting smartphone and google fetching algorithm.



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