Author Topic: Hi Jan and everybody ,This's my idea  (Read 3247 times)

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Hi Jan and everybody ,This's my idea
« on: September 07, 2002, 10:16:10 PM »
Hi... Jan
I would like to suggest new function for make a hit for a website which use 4 images.

1. Vote increase a point and Vote decrease a point
The visitor can make a point or reduce a point.
It 'll have a competion between the user because some user would like to
be a famous person. They 'll try to decrease other people point
2. special time: The user 'll get 2 or any point which admin set it
 if somone vote for them on special time.
I think it's good idea to make a lot of people visits the website
because the user 'll try really hard to promote their album to get extra point

3. make a short cut to their album.
The user would like to be famous so they want a short url to promote their album.

4. Top hit album( top of day  , top week ,top month and top forever )
It 'll show a top100 of album which get highest point by a day , week ,month

5. How can a user put many pictures?
Or the user can make a sub category

These 're the example websites which has these functions

1.The user can make own album which can put many photoes on this website
and there is a short url to remember easily.
The short url is -->

2. This website has a special time to get extra point.[/b]


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