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A little information before you make a request

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--- Quote from: Acidgod on February 02, 2007, 06:26:08 PM ---In our Offices we also take a charge around 65,- (85,-$)/h...

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nice, in Bulgaria 150- are a standard monthly salary  :? If you move here and have clients you can live like a king  :lol: :lol:

Don't forget that we must pay the office, taxes, the programmer, insurances and so on... (o:

Germany is very expensive... *g

I like to add message in this.

People who create topic in request for paid, when ask for something for done, please respect task list of request. The mean, when PHP programmer say price to you, please no reply with extra-list by think is same price. PHP programmer is the right for extra-charge everything add to PM list compare to announce no list if customer want extra-task. Addition, please stay with same subject.

Ex in announce topic: I want to modify my search page ... (just examp). After, 2nd paragraph, youi post: I want my categories for modify (is NO same price and same thing for PM).

And please, if post in request for paid, no think is free charge ...

And if create new announce - please say budget.

[10-01-2007] -
If ask programmer / developer for code something, you must no install MOD affect this code. If so, programmer / developer no take responsibility for this.
Example: I want modify my lightbox. After, I install multi-lightboxes MOD for work with. If programmer / developer no adapt with MOD, no work and contract renew if need to work for it (contractor choice).

[10-06-2007] -
If ask programmer / developer for code something, you must set right lang on your admin or install the language MOD for gallery for keep good communication. If programmer no can set language, no way for contract to code right.

Addition - if programmer / developer ask for server require:

1 - No say to send ZIP files in email. This is contractor decision.
2 - If create account (FTP / cPanel or gallery) - test it first  :!: If user name or password type and return error (and take long time response from customer)
3 - If no / bad folder location from FTP / cPanel for say where to code for gallery
- is overcharge.

If ask programmer / developer for intergrate something, is choice of programmer / developer for take or leave. If ask for intergrate something (like other authors MOD) - or code something new with intergrate with other MODs - is overcharge. If programmer / developer ask question to customer if install MOD or no and customer say no and is really yes and contract is open (and interfere with contract) - no refund :!:

Thank to all request post user.

good post thunderstrike. But some clients just don't want to understand this  :twisted: Whatever, there are still some normal clients we can work with,god bless them :D


--- Quote ---But some clients just don't want to understand this

--- End quote ---

They will in time.


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