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After upgrade to 1.7.3 I lost all thumbnails, and auto-thumbnail doesn't work anymore, and generates the old "Error creating thumbnail!" message. I have GD installed and was working fine before the upgrade to 1.7.3. I have the latest GD on my server.

V@no, sure could help your expertise here.


When I click the download button, the file that gets downloaded is always corrupt and always 1.2 KB. I've tried all suggestion on this forum, and I still have this problem.

Please Help.

Thank you

I keep getting the following error:

Warning: Compilation failed: this version of PCRE is not compiled with PCRE_UTF8 support at offset 1078737888 in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 135

There was one other case like this I found on the forum, but the solution didn't work in my case.

QUESTION: Will it pose a security problem if I comment out line 135 in global.php  (When I comment this line out, I don't get the error anymore).

Is there a way to show .txt or .html files in the details page. Like when users upload an image file...what if they upload a txt file. I would like to be able to have detail page show the content of the txt file or the html file....can someone help. thanks

Chit Chat / What the heck is a PHPNuke?
« on: May 17, 2003, 11:56:35 PM »
What the heck do they mean by the word "Nuke"?

And what is a PHPNuke?

Plz explain as if you are explaining to a one year old, because I really don't have any clue about this.  :oops:


I have one picture that has gotton 88 comments! This is making the page huge.

I wish there was Page Breaks for comments: ie:

First Page< Prev.< 1 2 3 4 5 >Next >>Last Page

Is it possible?

When you upload something from the admin panel, you get a pop-up message saying file is being uploaded.

Can someone do the same concept for user-side. So when a user is uploading a file, they get a pop-up message saying "Please be patient while file is uploading, this pop-up message will close once upload is done."

Thank you.

In the admin panel, under category settings, I have set view images permission to "private".

I have altered the thumbnail_bit.html so that when someone click on it, it actually will go to the "download" URL for that thumbnail.

Since the category settings are set to private, the hits are not counted for images. Is there a way that I could alter/hack something so that hits can be registered for this type of senario?

binary or ascii for upload/download of backups by ftp....

the .gz extention backups



I have one category, which I do not want it to show how many images it has inside it on the index.php page.

anyone know if this is possible??

thanks in advance.

I have one category in my 4images that the hits in it has reached 32767 and stoped going up! Even regular users won't be counted. All my other categories are registering hits but has not reached this number yet.

How can this be fixed.

I want to make one template page called: menu_bit.html. Inside it I'll have the site's links menu bar.

Then I want to call the content of that template inside some other templates, such as home.html. This way if a change is needed, I can only edit the menu_bit.html template.

How can I do this?

 :!: V@no, sure could help your expertise plz. Thankx.

Hi jan,

Would you plz concider doing the lightbox check/uncheck in iframe or something so that it doesn't refresh the whole page?

*** :idea: What I mean by this is that have just the lightbox button inside of an iframe so when ppl click it to check or uncheck an image in their favorite, only the button would refresh and carry out the lightbox function.

Thank you!

I'm using 4images for some heavy files that are kind of a pain when they have to refresh for "lightbox" check/uncheck.

Do you think that someone could write it in a way that checking/uncheckig the lightbox can be accomplished without it having to refresh the page?

Who can take this challenge into hand and come up with a brilliant MOD/PLUGIN.

Jan would you please concider this if you may.

Thank you in advance.

p.s. I love this script so much, i've been telling everyone about it! Again, thank you for such a wonderful job and software. I personally trully appreciate all the work that has gone into this great software. Thank you again.

Jan, thank you for this software, it's great!

Is it possible to have two 4images running on the same server, but different folders using different database files, but using the same "Members Data" file, so if a registered user registers on on of the instances of the 4images, he/she will automatically become a member on ther other one too.

Just sharing the members login data if you know what I mean.

Thank you in advance.

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