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hello every one
im trying to do this

Code: [Select]
$sql = "SELECT youtube_id
       WHERE image_id = $image_id";
$image_row = $site_db->query_firstrow($sql);

so i can use the youtube_id inside of the thumbnail function and i also had to add $site_db
but when i did this it worked but it slowed down the home page

did i made something wrong?


Code: [Select]
function get_thumbnail_code($media_file_name, $thumb_file_name = "", $image_id, $cat_id, $image_name = "", $mode = "", $show_link = 1, $open_window = 0) {
  global $site_db, $site_sess, $config, $user_info, $setting;

$sql = "SELECT youtube_id
       WHERE image_id = $image_id";
$image_row = $site_db->query_firstrow($sql);

$thumbnails_rating = $config['starrating_thumbs'];

  if (!check_media_type($media_file_name)) {
    $thumb = "<img src=\"".ICON_PATH."/404.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\" />";
  else {
    if (!get_file_path($thumb_file_name, "thumb", $cat_id, 0, 0)) {
      $file_src = ICON_PATH."/".get_file_extension($media_file_name).".gif";
      $image_info = @getimagesize($file_src);
      $width_height = (!empty($image_info[3])) ? " ".$image_info[3] : "";
      $thumb = "<img src=\"".$file_src."\" border=\"0\"".$width_height." alt=\"".$image_name."\" />";
    else {
      $file_src = get_file_path($thumb_file_name, "thumb", $cat_id, 0, 1);
      $image_info = @getimagesize($file_src);
      $width_height = (!empty($image_info[3])) ? " ".$image_info[3] : "";
        $thumb = "<img src=\"".$file_src."\" border=\"".$config['image_border']."\" width=\"128\" alt=\"".$image_name."\" onMouseOver=\"mousOverImage(this,'".$image_row['youtube_id']."',1)\" onMouseOut=\"clearTimeout(timer)\" />";

// ################## Start Mod Star Rating * Mouseover/ Hover * Rating without pagereload ##############
    if (check_permission("auth_vote", $cat_id)) {
      $thumb .= rating_bar(''.$image_id.'','$thumbnails_rating_images','$rating_images','$thumbnails_rating_image_width',''.$thumbnails_rating.'');
    else {
      $thumb .= rating_bar(''.$image_id.'','$thumbnails_rating_images','$rating_images','$thumbnails_rating_image_width',''.$thumbnails_rating.'');
// ################## End Mod Star Rating * Mouseover/ Hover * Rating without pagereload ##############

  if ($show_link) {
    if ($open_window) {
      $thumb = "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."details.php?".URL_IMAGE_ID."=".$image_id.((!empty($mode)) ? "&amp;mode=".$mode : ""))."\" onclick=\"opendetailwindow()\" target=\"detailwindow\">".$thumb."</a>";
    else {
      $thumb = "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."details.php?".URL_IMAGE_ID."=".$image_id.((!empty($mode)) ? "&amp;mode=".$mode : ""))."\">".$thumb."</a>";
  return $thumb;

hello everyone
all images in my gallery are pngs and i would like to convert them to jpgs
and my png are like 150 kb and if i convert them to jpg would be like 50kb
is there any function to convert them automaticaly

Hola a todos! me gustaria saber si seria posible poder crear un archivo xml donde contenga todas las imagenes de la galeria

el formato xml que nesesito seria algo asi

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <caption><![CDATA[Colorful Layout]]></caption>

asi con todas las imagenes de la galeria
podrias ayurdarme??

Hi im trying to modify the validateimages.php cuz i don't want to be able to change the owner of the image when i validate an image
and anther reason is becuase it takes a lot of time more than 50 seconds to load the whole list of users so it make the process of validation really slow, ive been trying to makes the changes myself but when i save validate the image it change the owner to the admin

i know that what i have to change is this line right here but i don't know how to change it

show_user_select_row($lang['user'], $image_row['user_id']);

this is what is would like to have

Chit Chat / How many uniques are you making??
« on: May 08, 2006, 12:58:56 AM »
Hi every one I would like to know how many uniques visit are u sites making( only sites that are using 4images ) and what kind of server do you have
thank you :)

Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / send html in the emails?
« on: May 01, 2006, 09:08:47 PM »
hi every one i have try all the modifcations that i have found this forum to send html on the email but none of them worked....
what are you using to send html in the emails?

hi is there any way to put a link on the details.html to open the image description on a new image? 
something like this mod
[Mod] Show original image in new window by clicking on image
but with the description

Español / Castellano / Abrir la descripcion en una nueva ventana
« on: April 17, 2006, 04:52:27 AM »
Hola estoy intentando hacer algo parecido a este mod
pero envez de usar el campo image usar el de la descripcion
alguna idea?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Too many connections Error
« on: April 11, 2006, 12:24:49 AM »
Hi every one
I just got an error that said Too many connections
so i read about that error
and i saw that the default max_connections on the my.cnf file was 100
so i went there i change that variable max_connections to 300
but im a newbie in all this stuff, I have my on dedicated server
so my questions are do you think this is too much?
do you have any advice for me in this topic?


Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Prevent vote ur own picture
« on: April 05, 2006, 06:54:34 AM »
Is there any way to prevet the user to vote thier own pictures?

Español / Castellano / Html en lso email
« on: April 03, 2006, 12:39:34 AM »
Hola estoy intentando enviar html en los email
he intentado varias modificaiones que he encontrado en el foro pero ninguna de ellas funciono :(
alguien lo ha conseguido¿

Where did this mod go???¿¿¿¿  :(

Hi I just saw your Budylist Mod v1.0 A mod to add & manage your friends online with several features
and i think that is awesome!!! could you share it with us?

Thanks :)

Hi how can i show the number of time that an images has been selected and save on the lightbox on the details.html
for example:

Image Name:     Ipod colors
User:    admin
Added:    17.03.2006 18:14
Views:    33
Rating:    Rating: 5.00 (1 Votes)
Favorites: This image is in 15 lightboxes

so that would mean that 15 users have that image on their lightbox list
how can show that?

Hi there!
I think it would be really cool if the registered or guest(optional) users could suggest keywords for the images on the gallery
like have a textarea or an input text where they can submit keywors related to that image and then the admin can aproved those keywords or not
I think that would improve the searches queries and also save some work to the administrators :)

so what do you think ? its this possible?

thanks in advance =)

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