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ok, bootstrap2 here we go.

I just played around a little bit the last 2 evenings.

But sorry, not just a template!
The source code is doing so much GUI, that I need to adjust a lot of program files.
for example: replace all borders from images, replace tables to become responsive...

And I don't know if I will finish that... because that all need to be done with each release.
Maybe if 4images 2.0 is coming and the code will be rewritten... :-)

And yes, the code I invalid in 2 positions:
First iso-8859-1 is not longer supported. Call it windows-1252 and I works better. But I don't want to change that in the code. And normally all files should be UTF-8
Second X-UA-Compatible. Yes, reported as invalid but better IE support.

 :| sorry, I don't understand why anybody likes that template. It should be bootstrap. Bootstrap is HTML5... but line one in the template is <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
And even the HTML4 code is invalid.

And Bootstrap is awesome because it makes responsive designs very easy... But that template isn't responsive! So what is the reason to tell that this template use bootstrap?

Depend on the licence of 4greyblue from Cameraland.

Hi hinotahir,
optical not bad. But why do you:
  • use rounded corners at the Random Image images and not on the Resently New Images
  • use rounded corners at the search buttom and not on the Back and Next links.
  • and why back? Back is the last page that I was on. If I like go go to the previous picture it souldn't be back.
  • why use this ugly "download" buttom
  • ugly blue boarder on the rate field. And ugly dropdown!



May think about using HTML5?

With some minor changes you don't need to change the template files

ADDITONAL OPTION (added 25/02/2007)

Allow your moderator directly to delete/edit comments from your details.php

Well, deleting and editing comments for your moderator can be very sad, if he always have to login first to his MCP (Moderator Control Panel), search the comment by ID and so on.
SO this little addition to my MOD allows your moderator to directly delete and edit comments at the details.php (picture)

Have pHun :)



Make sure those lines...

Code: [Select]

show_nav_option($lang['nav_comments_edit'], "comments.php?action=modifycomments");

... are uncommented (without a "//" on the left)
Be also sure that you haven't deleted the "comments.php" in your moderator folder.

Everything fine? Good, let's proceed....




Code: [Select]
      $admin_links = "";
      if ($user_info['user_level'] == ADMIN) {
        $admin_links .= "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."admin/index.php?goto=".urlencode("comments.php?action=editcomment&amp;comment_id=".$comment_row[$i]['comment_id']))."\" target=\"_blank\">".$lang['edit']."</a>&nbsp;";
        $admin_links .= "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."admin/index.php?goto=".urlencode("comments.php?action=removecomment&amp;comment_id=".$comment_row[$i]['comment_id']))."\" target=\"_blank\">".$lang['delete']."</a>";

insert below
this code has changed
Code: [Select]
      elseif ($user_info['user_id'] == XXX) {
        $admin_links .= "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."moderator/index.php?goto=".urlencode("comments.php?action=editcomment&amp;comment_id=".$comment_row[$i]['comment_id']))."\" target=\"_blank\">".$lang['edit']."</a>&nbsp;";
        $admin_links .= "<a href=\"".$site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH."moderator/index.php?goto=".urlencode("comments.php?action=removecomment&amp;comment_id=".$comment_row[$i]['comment_id']))."\" target=\"_blank\">".$lang['delete']."</a>";

In the above code replace XXX again with the userid of your user who would be the moderator

Okay, now lets find:
this is all not needed

replace it with:

save and close details.php

this is all not needed

Thats it.
Now you moderator can delete and edit comments directly from your site.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: 4images 1.7.6 - Feedback
« on: February 06, 2008, 08:21:52 PM »
2006 -> 2008... fast 2 Jahre still und jetzt 2 updates in 6 Tagen  :mrgreen:

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Templates & Styles (Releases & Support) / Re: 2 Themes
« on: November 02, 2007, 11:13:33 PM »
If the code is so nice as the preview is...  :D
The images looks fine!

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: An option suggestion
« on: October 23, 2007, 12:25:54 PM »
This is already implemented!

is to upload a file that allready has a url.
No, User can also search on there local HD for files to upload.

And it's 'either/or' file or picture
In case of 4images is a gallery the default setting only allow images. But you can change it in the settings!

Feedback & Suggestions / 4images project dead or alive?
« on: October 12, 2007, 10:36:36 AM »
Oct 2007.... one year since the last release of the 1.7.4 version.... a lot of so called Web2.0 features are implemented in severall other projects. But what happend to 4 images?
Nothing? Or is there something behinds the scene?

For sure, 4images is one of the best gallery systems but it could be more. Or?

Code: [Select]
* Table less default template
* Pingback/ Trackback
* SEO friendly URLs
* overall more SEO (Header informations, Bot accounts with special BOT sites)
* Tags
* Better comment system
   * Moderate comments
* Easier user system and administration
   * connectivity to a forum and blog
   * user warning, blocking etc.
* Better upload system, where I can easily upload more then one file (zip upload)
* More and better image features
   * keep exif information after resizing
   * image rotate
   * watermark adder
   * keep original files (in full size) somewhere
Even this forum need to be updated... A list in a list is not possible :-)

Is there still anybody working in a developer team or is it just the community, that provides addons and templates?


Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: Pics not shown?
« on: September 29, 2007, 04:43:14 PM »
Got it! IE7 is not able to show images with ü ö ä in the filename!
IE 6 and IE5.5 are able... funny...

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Pics not shown?
« on: September 29, 2007, 01:30:31 PM »
I got several feedback for my installation that the pictures are not shown. Instead of the picture they saw a white background with a red cross. I did now see the error myself but it was reported from several people.
Is there any know bug with popup blocker or something like this?

I have tested it with FF, IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and did not found any mistake.

URL is


ich habe von verschiedenen Personen Feedback auf meine Galerie bekommen. Es sollen keine Bilder angezeigt werden. Stattdessen ein weisses Bild mit roten Kreuz drauf. Ist euch so ein Fehler bekannt?
Ich habe die Seite mit FF, IE5.5, IE6, IE7 gestestet und finde keinen Fehler.

URL ist


Templates & Styles (Requests & Discussions) / Re: DIV tags vs Tables ?
« on: September 23, 2007, 03:13:37 PM »
Again please. I'm not quite sure what are you asking for?  :?:  :?

Templates & Styles (Requests & Discussions) / Re: DIV tags vs Tables ?
« on: September 21, 2007, 12:17:45 PM »
For the front end I already create one

I like your container style. it is good basic style for future templates. I just tested it. Very fast!!! I think I could do some changes in future if I have the time. I like the style of the template 7dana and think it could work much more faster without the tables... think of doing it ... thank you!

in deutsch nochmal einfacher:
wirklich eine tolle Arbeit. Ich denke auf dem container Style kann man etwas aufbauen. Wirklich sehr klasse. Was wirklich 4images noch nicht hat sind diese leichten Styles. Ich denke ich werde in Zukunft mal rumbasteln etwas gutes auf die Beine zu stellen. Und dein Style zeigt wirklich, dass es möglich ist.

The Templates would not only work faster without all the tables. You will have lower transfer time, better crossbrowser capability, lower traffic, lower update costs for redesign and so on! I hope that a lot of people will take this container example to improve their templates.

und nu in deutsch:
Die Templates werden dadurch nicht nur schneller. Du hast dadurch auch schnellere Übertragungszeiten, einen bessere Übereinstimmung bei den verschiedenen Browsern, geringere Datenübertragungsmengen, geringere Kosten bei Designänderungen. Ich hoffe, dass viele dieses Beispiel nehmen um Ihre eigenen Templates zu verbessern.

oups! zip is now with all files  8O

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