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Last post Condition to upload New
« on: March 09, 2011, 04:03:00 PM »

It's possible a Mod to create a condition to the uploads.

For example,the user upload one photo to make another upload need make 3 comments first. Very Happy


Sorry the poor english


The history of gambling dates back to ancient Egypt, 3500 thousands of years before Christ. Prototype of the modern dice were found in tombs of pharaohs, the frescoes of modern researchers to easily find images attendants (animal bones), which played as mere mortals and gods.

At the same time gambling was not something taboo, wrong or sinful than they had become, with Christianity. For example, there was a sacred kind of similarity of the bones, which threw the priests in the temples, trying to determine the fate or understand well if it completed or not.

The first bricks with numbers painted on them were found in the tombs of Sumerian kings. Historians attribute the discovery to about 7. BC. The first rule of betting were developed in ancient Greece, two centuries later. Like all great inventions, they are reflected as in a mirror of the people, in ancient Greek myths. There was also invented the prototype of billiards, spread and altered in the East.

Ancient Rome gave the world the prototype of the first lottery. In a lottery you can win a slave, gold necklace or even a whole estate. The lottery was based on the numbers game ... and honesty owner, most often, the emperor or a noble patrician, her home.

Quite a revealing history of the game "Mahjong". It was invented in China, where a long road, passing India and Persia, came to Europe during the early Renaissance.
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