Author Topic: Members upload problem on Auto image resize on upload v2.0.1 MOD  (Read 2876 times)

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Hi to all.

I upload the mod . Everything is ok for admin uploads but there is a problem about registered users (members) upload. There is no problem on resizing while uploading by admin. I read forums but I couldn't find help about this.

But when users (members) upload the same image (same size, same width, same height) they getting this error:
Code: [Select]
Error uploading thumbnail file:
img----img.jpg: Image size invalid

There is a problem about registered users (members) upload resizing. How can I solve this? Please help me.

Sizes of trying to upload image and thumb

Code: [Select]
Size: 341 kb, width:1280 , height:960

My upload settings on admin panel:

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Upload mode : Save files with new name

Valid file extensions: jpg, gif, png.

Max. width of thumbnail in pixel : 140

Max. heigth of thumbnail in pixel :140

Max. thumbnail size in KB: 100

Max. image width in pixel: 770

Max. image heigth in pixel: 770

Max. image size in KB: 2000

Notify by email upon user upload: yes

Additional email addresses for notification: ------
Delimit emails by comma.

Auto-create thumbnail: Yes

Thumbnail size in pixel: 100

Proportions: Resize proportionally

Thumbnail quality: 75
0 to 100


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