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Kurt you are a KING... thank you very much..

OK! Sorry...

KurtW thank you for code... realy... you are a only who reply here with code.... thank you...

I need mod to have this: my user_logininfo.html but only when i like administrator log in, not normal user.


Hi ppl.. i need your help...

How to put "images_awaiting_validation" into the user_logininfo.html ?

I tried some solutions but nothing...

I set a Admin Control panel link on menu links.. but i need and images_awaiting_validation ...

Thank you

p.s. sorry on my bad english...

I need (MOD) UNSUBSCRIBE emails from Admin Control Panel !

When i log in CPANEL and i wanna to send email notification about new stuff on site, i need mod to mail can go only ppl who not SELECT a Unsubscribe on ther profile !

Can someone help me ?

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