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kurze Verständnisfrage: Mit der Umstellung auf "mysqli" bekomme ich im Adminbereich unter Datenbank Backup die Meldung "Note: You are not using MySQL. Maybe the backup function won't work!" Ein Backup lässt sich zwar noch ausführen, die generierte SQL Datei ist jedoch nur noch ca. halb so groß wie vorher. Ist die Backup Funktion nicht mehr nutzbar?


danke für die Rückmeldung. Wenn ich irgendwie helfen kann, sag Bescheid.


Hi Benny,

das schaut schonmal alles sehr gut aus.
Ich bin sehr an dem Refresh interessiert und freue mich über neue/weitere Infos.


If you have a brand new gallery without any modifications in core files (PHP), than you can use these files. Plus i installed template on my own running gallery if you want the demo


can you send me the core file for "index.php"? I have to check something.

Thank you!

My URL is  :)

Another question: My Home Site is also not responsive as mentioned by others on the first page of this thread.
Where i can make the changes so that it will work correctly?

Thank you!

Works, thank you very much!  :D
Now i only need the solution for the second image in the header.

Okay, i understand.
But can you please copy an paste the excatly code of these lines?

Thank you.

And can you please explain what exactly has to be in theses lines? Thank you!

Add class ui disabled mini button to line 73 (Upload disabled button)
Add class ui mini teal button to line 77 (Upload enable button)
– add <i class=\”upload icon\”></i> Upload in 77 and 73
Add class ui very basic table to line 140 (Category table)

Add class ui very basic table to line 118 and 123 in front of $new_images (New Images)

Add class ui button mini to line 98, 99, 107, 112, 113 (pagination numbers)
Add class ui button mini teal to line 104 (current page)

add class ui tag label to line 335 (For image tags)
add class ui compact mini labeled icon button to line 354, 358, 366, 373, 374, 383 (action icons)
– add <i class=\”check circle outline icon\”></i>Lightbox in 354
– add <i class=\”radio icon\”></i>Lightbox in 358
– add <i class=\”download icon\”></i>Download in 366
– add <i class=\”download icon\”></i>Download in 373
– add <i class=\”file archive outline icon\”></i>Download Zip in 374
– add <i class=\”send icon\”></i>Post Card in 383

add class ui disabled compact mini labeled icon button to line 362, 367, 380 (disable for guests)
– add <i class=\”remove circle outline icon\”></i>Lightbox in 362
– add <i class=\”file archive outline icon\”></i>Download Zip in 367
– add <i class=\”send icon\”></i>Post Card in 380

Add class circular ui icon button mini teal to line 386, 392, 409, 428, 429
– add <i class=\”icon user\”></i> in 386 (for user icon)
– add <i class=\”icon linkify\”></i> in 392 (for website link icon)
– add <i class=\”icon mail\”></i> in 409 (for email icon)
Add class circular ui icon button to line 510, 511, 514, 515

Add class ui very basic table to line 101
Add class ui button to line 159, 162

Add class ui very basic table to line 254

Please share your URL as well but try
<img src="{template_url}/images/headimg.png" alt="" style="width:300px;float:right;margin-right:30px;">

This does not work either - image is still scaled to a smaller size.
Currently there is no lURL - i think tomorrow i will go live with the template. :)

Okay, here is the code so far...

Code: [Select]

<div class="ui grid" id="logo" style="margin:30px 0px 30px 0px;">
      <a href="{home_url}">
      <img src="{template_url}/images/logo.png" alt="" width="360px">
<img src="{template_url}/images/headimg.png" alt="" width="300px" style="float:right;margin-right:30px;">

The logo.png is 360px x 100px, the headimg.png is 300px x 100px
With this code, the logo.png is shown correctly, the headimg.png is scaled to 272px × 91px and i don't know why.

Okay, but how?  :oops:

Thanks for the quick response.   :)

- You can add another logo inside <div> with ID logo and change the float to right and add some margin as well (

This works, but not correctly. The problem is that the second image with right float always is scaled to a smaller size. (See attached screenshot)
Although it doesn't matter wich image size is written in the header file.

Great theme, i have bought it today and am now testing.

Unfortunately i have no experiences with Semantic-UI, HTML5 and CSS3.
So maybe you can answer:

- how to add a second image/logo file in the header with right algin
- where to find other possible icons for the navigation bar
- how to ad a space before image in the random image box. (The image is now placed directly at the upper borderline. Does not look good.)
- how to center content in sideboxes (for example the facebook integration in the Demo is not centred in the box.)

Thank you and regards!

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